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04 January 2001 — 05.53

Kids woke up around 2 pm, taking care and play with them a bit, and then sleep again around 4 pm. Bad move. I woke up late and dizzy, ended up coming to the office late as well; and there are still a lot of things I haven’t done (note to self: transfer Sarah’s tape recording to MP3 and send to granny).
Somebody is talking in a mailing list, saying that the God had talked to him, he’s a new prophet. Oh puh-leeeeeeeeze. What a laugh 🙂
The moderator kicked him.

Raising kids is so much work. I enjoys it very much, but then I don’t have time/just forgot other things such as relationship with the neighbors/my parent/friends, maintenance work (home/car/etc), computer research stuff, learning more about Islam, and also (most importantly) time for me and Helen together. For the last two we tried hard, but sometimes it’s just not possible
But I think once they are bigger, nursery perhaps, we will have more spare time, and thus can pursue those above.
For now though, we’ll just have to be patient – and enjoy our every moment together.


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