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09 January 2001 — 06.55

Wake up late this morning and rather tired even though I was way overslept (9 hours!!)
Then I realised what happened; it was very cold outside that my heater was unable to cope. As the result, the room temperature REALLY dropped; sending us deeper into sleep.

Then we finally woke up; nose hurts (humidity only 23%), eyes hurts (again, because of the low humidity), sore throat (humidity again), and we’re not feeling very well. I almost got cold… Joy.

But the girls were very happy this morning. Yesterday, Anisah started going to her playgroup again, the first after the long holiday. Sarah, of course, went there as well. As my wife said, they’re simply ecstatic. Going around like crazy; Sarah can only see them from her chair, but that’s all it takes to make her very happy as well. (she’s started trying to stand btw).

Also yesterday Anisah helped me made a cheesecake. She was very very proud that SHE can help ME πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ won’t stop whisking the mix, hehe…
This morning the cake was finally ready; I took it from the freezer, and she really enjoyed eating it.


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