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01 March 2001 — 14.04

It looks the change of presidency from Abdurrahman Wahid to Megawati is imminent now; mostly to Wahid’s own faults. Amien Rais (head of People’s Council) is very sure that Megawati will be able to bring Indonesia into better situation.
I beg to differ. The most visible potential problem is her husband, which has had some bad track records. I’m afraid she’ll end up just like Benazir Bhutto – in which her husband was the cause of her fall from her PM position.
Then, as Head of PDI party, she has been proven to be easily swayed by people around her. Unfortunately, most of them are opportunists, and have proven so previously in many occasions. Imagine what will happened when she rose to presidency – the power on her hand.

People also talked about her unproven track record as a leader, that she was just a housewive, she just taking opportunity of the fact that she’s the daughter of Soekarno – the charismatic, and first, president of Indonesia. I don’t know about those, but I think most of them are correct.

But of utmost interest to me is the lack of her interest to Muslim’s issues. I can’t blame her 100% on this to be fair, because the problem mostly lies on her close friends – quite a lot of them are Muslim-haters and some of them are responsible for the death of many Muslims during the Soeharto’s regime.

We just wish for some peace, but still, the future looks bleak for us.


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