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18 March 2001 — 19.31

Sarah’s eczema returned – now with rubella/measle, great.
Her skin was already very smooth just like other babies, but suddenly she got this rubella. Then her eczema just had to flare up again. And she got cough. And runny nose. And high body temperature. Poor baby, she cried because of all the pain…
But that’s not all – then NHS just had to refuse seeing her at all.
First, I brought her to NHS walk-in center. The nurses there are very friendly, but granted, they’re not GP so can’t prescribe anything. They told me to contact my out-of-hours GP and give their letter describing Sarah’s condition. So I did. But what that GP said? He told me that those nurses are unreliable, so just sit tight, and you’d be fine. ??????? what the *#*!)*# unbelievable. By the way; this is over the phone, he hasn’t actually see my baby. Yeah dude, why don’t you just confess that you’re so lazy! (it was 11 pm)

So I wait until Monday morning and bring Sarah to her GP directly. This time, they refused her flatly on my face. “No can do until the next 3 weeks” basically is what they said, and they turned their back on me. I felt like I’m falling in a bottomless pit…

And some people are wondering why people flocked to the hospitals… I think I’ll do so, because I have the right for the service (the tax here is high!) that would cost NHS more money? See if I care.

What we’ve done so far, we visited our local pharmacist, asked for some medicine, and that’s it. A week goes by already.
A bit helpful, but still she shouldn’t suffer this way if NHS service was a bit better.

Some friends are suggesting that we should complain; problem is, to whom? Deaf ears are everywhere, I need to find a way to make the complaint actually heard and processed. Otherwise I won’t bother wasting my time.


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