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18 March 2001 — 19.38

I was sick for several days. Throat infection – this usually happens when my condition is down. This hasn’t happened to me for quite some time (those badminton sessions sure helped) but with Sarah’s sickness and other people getting sick all around me, I knew this would happen.
The last time I got this problem (throat infection) I went to my GP and was given paracetamol. what the ??? however I was a nice boy and intended to play by their rule – and got sick for three weeks. Ugh.

Now I’ve wisen up, I use the medicine prescribed by my doctor in Indonesia (Amoxicillin 500 mg) and in 3 days I’m almost clear.
You know, Indonesia is supposed to be a third-nation, developing country, very poor, etc. But how come the doctors are way more competent than the ones in UK? S*ckers…


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