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100,000 homeless families in UK

United Kingdom, 4th richest country in the world, now confirmed to have 100,000 families without a home:
BBC – Homeless families total 100,000

The government is legally obliged to provide housing to its people by a law that has been in effect since 2002. So really, heads should start to roll.

The government tried to side-step the issue by saying things like most of the families are not on the street, that they’re already in shelters / hostels / cheap accommodation.
That’s not the issue as some of you may have spotted already – housing is a basic human need, even more so in places with extreme climates like UK. Therefore it should be considered a right to own a house, not a privilege.

However, as I’ve noted before, the basics of the system are already flawed. I feel so sorry to the people who is in this mess, and wish them the best.

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