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Mind your own business, Uncle Sam

US gov’t and its allies (especially Australia & Singapore gov’t) would love to see Indonesia to crumble apart to small nations. That would mean less one potential threat, and a lot of weak nations to bully for its natural resources.

We have had numerous revolts here, which have enjoyed external assistance. Indonesian army and police have caught many weapons and goods shipment to these rebels.

While we rejoiced at the moment for the peace treaty on Aceh, US gov’t continue its work. Now it demanded that Papua to be given independence.

I saw in Republika newspaper today (last page), that Lynn Pascoe said that Papuan people has not enjoyed good service from Indonesian gov’t.

Excuse me, Sir ! Please stop acting so righteous, Mr I-am-so-Perfect.
Mind your own people first. Stop making your own children’s suffering.

And more importantly, stop acting oh-so-good for YOUR own benefit.
(no problem if it’s really sincere, but history told us that’s not the case)

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