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TCCO – Quran Gratis

My friend once told me about muslims in a corner of Russia looking for free quran, because they’re so poor and can’t afford it – yet they really would like to study it. I knew there are institutions giving Quran for free, but I wasn’t able to find it at that time.
I only found it out after a few months. It was too late.

So to avoid that, I’ll try to gather all information about free Quran in this post.
Hope it’ll help anyone who needs it.

If you know any other resources which is not yet here, please comment, so I can include it.

Free Quran (book)

  1. Information from Converts To
  2. CAIR : Explore the Quran (USA residents only)
  3. Free
    (non-USA residents may need to pay the shipping cost)
  4. Free (Canada residents only)

Free Quran (software)

  1. Quran in 27 languages

Free Quran (mp3 / audio file)

  1. Juz-Amma (the 30th chapter) – recited by Syaikh As-Sudais
  2. From (the whole book)

Free Quran (for mobile phone)

  1. Juz-Amma (the 30th chapter) in AMR format

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