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3B – Bed, Bathroom. Bus

Visiting my parents a few days ago, I happen to watch an expert being interviewed on how to maximize our brain potentials. In short, according to their research, the brain perform best on 3B – Bed, Bathroom, and Bus. How come ?

Basically, those places are where we stop, and gave the brain time to reflect and analyze the data gathered so far (instead of busy doing everything else).

The Bed

You may have heard the saying “just sleep on the problem” — there’s truth to it. Even Michaelangelo used to sleep while he was working on his painting (if only we can do that in our cubicles..). Being on the bed / sleeping forces our brain to stop doing anything. Therefore, it’ll instead use this opportunity to do data analysis. It ended up as dreams sometimes. But after we woke up, many times we’ll have better understanding (and potential solution) to the problem.

A bit of deviation from the topic – praying have same (if not better) effect; especially since it takes very little time (10 – 15 minutes). When we pray, we’re forced to forget about our businesses, and focus only on a single point. This gives us clarity on that moment.
My friend once said (rather jokingly, but also seriously) that if you want to find the stuff that you’re missing – then pray. You’ll remember where you left it when you’re praying.

The Bathroom

My wife used to complain that I took so much time to bath. Well, beside the fact that I like things clean, it’s also my experience that I tend to get the best ideas when I was in the bathroom. Other variations might be the spa, sauna, etc.
It’s for the same reason as the Bedroom, in the bathroom we’re relaxed and thus able to think more clearly. Forcing your brain to be in overdrive all day long is not really healthy. The 3B give us breaks from it.

Nowadays she no longer complain about it. But I also try to avoid using the bathroom on “peak-hours” 🙂

The Bus

Basically just another place where you are relaxed and can think about things more clearly. While on the bus (or subway, train, whatever), you’re only standing up / sitting down, and doing very little else. Thus you’ll also tend to have the “eureka!” moments here.

So, how about you ?

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