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Pengajian Expat / Muslim expat gathering

I forgot to mention this before – several weeks ago, me & Helen came to visit friends of ours, mbak Ira and her husband Ian. We knew them back when we were in UK. They held a gathering in their home, and we came there. They specifically asked us to keep in touch when we went back to Indonesia.
Who knew that they actually moved here themselves 🙂 great stuff indeed.

Anyway, we visited their house in Kemang. Turned out that it’s also a “pengajian” / gathering. In the event there most of the guests are expats with their spouse. Most of the time we were speaking English, to honor those who still new and can not speak much Indonesian yet.

After the event mbak Ira spoke to us, telling that she’s planning to do the gathering / pengajian routinely. I asked her if it’s okay to let others know about it, to which she replied an enthusiastic “yes”.
So here you go.

The gatherings will be done in their house in Kemang, which is already a place where most expats are. So it shouldn’t be too hard to visit.
If you’re interested, just let me know, then I’ll confirm you to them first (to protect their privacy before they confirm you as their guest).

Actually there are Indonesians in the gathering as well, us for example. And most of the expats spouses are Indonesian. Also there’s this senior manager of Indomilk (indonesian) that came too.
So they’re not exactly rejecting Indonesian guests.

However, do be informed that the events will be in English, and most wlll focus on expat-related topics (eg: some of us will find the topic rather elementary).
And even though their house is big, the event proved quite popular already. So I think it’s normal to prioritize in this case.

There you go, hope someone will find this info useful.

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