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Suspend problem in Gutsy

My work laptop (HP nc6000) have problems with its suspend facility. This is of course causes me many inconveniences. So when I got a moment to spare, I set Google on the loose for the solution.

I quickly found the explanation & the solution here. Basically, it’s the proprietary version of ATI (the graphic card) driver that’s causing this.

The solution :

1. Click on System – Administration – Restricted Drivers Manager
2. Disable “ATI accelerated graphic driver”
3. Restart

And that’s it.

Ubuntu automatically switches to the open-source version of ATI driver, and my laptop will now happily suspend again. Yay for open-source driver ! ūüėÄ

I’m going to write up the report to the successful Ubuntu/Linux seminar yesterday, but need to do a few things first. Stay tuned.

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