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Obama: the honest, Hillary: the thief

Obama proved (among others) that you can be ethical **and** be successful. A member of Dailykos (Borell) tried to donate to Obama, but got his donation politely refused because he’s a member of a (even just non-profit) lobbying organization.

The Obama Campaign will refuse money from donator who’s linked in anyway to a lobbying organization. This fact should be highlighted MUCH more often, because the lobbyist are among the reasons that America (and the world) is in such a state of wreck today.

Among the powerful (and destructive) lobbyist are AIPAC (siphoning US taxpayers money to Israel, causing worldwide unrest), lobbyist for various energy companies (who in turn causes destructions all over the world), and many others.

The Hillary Clinton campaign, in reverse, will accept any donation, and will even steal them. Borell’s wife tried to cancel her automatic debit donation, but it’s still taken from her after these months.
Along with Hillary’s other dishonesties (sniper fire anyone?), I won’t be voting her if I’m an American.

Need more people like Obama in the governments. Here’s one rooting for you, Obama !

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