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Gmail : The Spam Killer

To the right is a screenshot of one of my Gmail account.

gmail the spam killer

Amazing, 580 inbox email, and 145,000+ SPAM ! 😀

This amount of spam was used to be handled by my server. Now it happily forward them to Gmail, which then will filter the spam with its powerful spam filter.

I remember when my customers are complaining about slow Internet access. My first question is whether they hosted their email servers internally. When they answered yes, I did a quick check, then asked them to either host the mailserver externally, or use Google Apps email service.
Usually they will instantly enjoy a significant speed boost to their Internet access.

There are simply too much spam nowadays for our puny bandwidth to handle. I know of big companies here in Indonesia with only 256 Kbps internet access, shared with their 300 employees (yay). And they’re paying US$ 1400 / month (you read it right) for that…

Thankfully, Gmail comes to the rescue.
Thank you Google !

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