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Obama : support & assist – don’t bring him down

Let’s be clear about one thing – Obama is not perfect. Anyone thinking the reverse is deluded. He’s just a man, not an angel (although it’d be really cool if he IS indeed a black angel) 🙂

So he made mistakes, and he will continue to do so from time to time.

That said – I’m absolutely appalled at lack of patience that’s displayed by some people. Do you SERIOUSLY think that 8 YEARS of destructions done by Bush can be reversed by Obama in 1 MONTH ??

Come on people. We’re talking about some of the MOST thorough global destruction ever witnessed in this century. Bush does not only destroy America, he also wreaked havoc in various other countries too. Including Indonesia – various evil US corporations really did have a field day during his administration.

I already expected that Bush’s great momentum of disaster would be really hard to stop and turn  around. I’ve suspected that Obama would have to compromise in several cases – and it has started to happen. There is NO way he’d be able to do everything – he’ll have to prioritize. Anyone with the slightest experience of management roles will understand this. To compromise really sucks, but sometimes the other options are even worse. Like quitting what you’re doing. Ask yourself – do you really feel like seeing him leaving after just a while ?

What really matters is his intentions – does Obama do that because he’s evil? Or is it because he’s cornered to? Or unable to do the reverse? And so on.

Remember, we’re talking about politics here. This is among the MOST complicated subject anyone could ever encounter. And here Obama is tackling US of A’s politics – probably the most complex of them all.

Unfortunately, we can’t read into people’s mind yet. Fortunately, we CAN make intelligent assessments. Instead of just accusing people blindly, we should really do this.

Check Obama’s track records. List his negative and positive points, this will enable you to see things more objectively. Try to focus on the bigger picture.

This is why I like Truth-O-Meter by It really help you to look at things objectively, not subjectively. Note that it still misses some, even big ones – such as the fact that Obama have put a good man in charge for the recovery of USA, etc.
However, it’s definitely better than nothing.

Even easier is to compare Obama with Bush.

It then become as clear as day and night !

People, help Obama to make USA better for you. Don’t drag him down over small details. When he made mistakes – let him know that you’re not happy. When he try to do something right, let him know too that you support him.

It can be very lonely up there. If all you’re doing is nag him and get angry, any human is bound to get tired of it and think, “why the hell am I doing this ?“. That’s the first step to seduction by the sweet melody from the dark side.

A small compliment from time to time never hurts. A polite, but firm, reminder is always much better than a rude one.

So unless you want another Bush to rise and kick your collective a$$es even harder than before – get up, and work together to rebuild America.

We will all benefit from that as well. Because we all live in this same small blue rock called “Earth”, on this vast void of universe.

With love from Indonesia.

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