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Talk @ WordcampID 2010 : High Performance WordPress : done quick, cheap, and easy

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Terimakasih 🙂

Last year I was contacted by Valent Mustamin, whom I started to be acquainted with by Twitter. He asked me if I’d be interested to speak in WordcampID 2010. My response was “HELL YES!” – well, ok, not exactly like that 🙂 but, you get the idea.

Before we continue, I must say it was very nice of him to get in touch with me quite that far in advance. Usually, sometimes, I was called and asked, “hey, how about speaking in this seminar which, by the way, is gonna be held tomorrow?”. Ouch. Sometimes I have problems booking a date even for the next week.
With WordcampID 2010, I was able to prepare the material well, and also booked the date of the event (30 January 2010) before I got other appointments. Zero conflict. Peace on earth.

Back to the topic – I proposed to speak about “High Performance WordPress”, which, of course, discusses ways to speed up WordPress. My talk will adhere to 3 main criterias : easy, cheap, faster.
Easy : it’s easy to do, kinda drop-in solution which you can do in 15 minutes flat.
Cheap : it’s not gonna cost you the arm & the leg. Basically, a dedicated server (dual core, 2 GB RAM) will suffice. It’s not some kind of highly complex, multiple-servers setup.
Faster : it will speed up your WordPress installations by multiple times AND will increase its capacity as well – capability to serve multiple concurrent visitors at the same time.

This solution is aimed to the websites in “growing-pains” period : too big for shared webhosting, but still too small in revenue to afford multiple-servers infrastructure.
In my experience, these websites usually are ranked between 10000 to 100000 in Alexa.

With the solution presented, I hope to be able to help these websites to grow their traffic significantly, and finally move up to the elite leagues with no problem.

You may ask, why another discussion on this topic? Isn’t this already discussed in many blog postings everywhere?

Indeed, however, soon I spotted a problem. When I was helping my friend, Mr Romi, to speed up his WordPress-based website, the highly popular, I noticed that the tutorials on this topic are :

(1) Suggests the hardest way with the least gain – first, and/or
(2) Only works for lesser websites (eg: Alexa rank > 200.000), and/or
(3) Potentially will your website to become buggy / to lose data, and/or
(4) It may cost you your first unborn child, and your arm, and your legs, and/or
(5) Did I mention that the methods are sometimes pretty hard to do ?, and/or
(6) Oh, did I already mention that it sometimes only offer 25% performance gain ?

The method I discussed can give 100000% performance gain. With 15 minutes of work.
And with very minimal messing (only normal config changes) with current installation of Apache/PHP/MySQL.

In a server, I tested its LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) stack performance, and I got 2 requests / second.
After I finished optimizing it, I got 2000 requests / second. No kidding.

I know that in the audience there are several people from webhosting companies, who can get financial gain from this. Not just poor webmasters having problems with their ever-popular websites. But I don’t care. I love to share knowledge, and I believe only good things will come out from sharing them.
So there 😀

Anyway, enough rambling – on to the goodies !

[ High Performance WordPress – OpenOffice format ]
[ High Performance WordPress – PDF format ]
[ High Performance WordPress – Flash format ]

Note: The slides here have been updated with the excellent suggestion from Simon Lim regarding DNS.

Also, at the moment I’m working on another solution which is as easy, but offers even MUCH faster performance gain. Stay tuned.
Enjoy ! 🙂

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