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Waspada : Lampu LED Philips

s. :: tidak sangka menemukan posting soal lampu LED Philips dari Linus Torvalds 🙂 seperti biasa, informatif + sangat menghibur #LOL  

Linus mengganti semua lampu di rumahnya karena dia tidak suka dengan lampu Halogen / CFL. Pilihannya ketika itu adalah lampu LED buatan Philips.

Ternyata dia perlu menggantinya lagi, kali ini dengan lampu LED merk Cree, karena, walaupun masih berfungsi, namun lampu LED merk Philips tersebut sudah drop outputnya menjadi hanya sekitar 25%.

Linus, um, "tidak terlalu gembira" dengan hal ini  🙂

"But today I've been walking around changing out the Philips bulbs that are just a couple of years old.

"40,000 hours" my ass.

Sure, they still "work" – but actual light output is maybe a quarter of what it was when new"

Ternyata di berbagai forum Internet juga sudah mulai bermunculan komplain soal LED Philips ini. Misalnya :

Dikutip : "benar ada tulisanya "Last up to 15Years" …. dengan pemakaian sehari 2.7 Jam.. WTF!!!"


Anyway, kembali ke posting Linus — yang lebih menarik adalah diskusi di komentarnya, saya kutipkan beberapa :

"Sounds like insufficient heat sinking in the design itself. Heat ages LEDs fast"

Linus : "Irony alert: the crappy bulbs are called "EnduraLED". Model number 8E26A60 in case anybody cares"

"I did the same, changed all the spot lights in the house with LED, but almost all of  them died less than a year later.

The problem is NOT the LEDs, they are very reliable and working perfectly,

the problem is the electronic circuits driving them are so badly made, they blow up very quickly making the whole thing a VERY expensive failure."

"We've gradually been switching from fluorescents to Panasonic LEDs. We have a dozen by now, with the oldest ones three years old and have yet to have any burn out pr go visibly bad. And the light quality is pleasant, much better than the fluorescents and incandescents they're replacing"

"All big manufactures suck in LED technology. I also replaced every light here with LED, bought at Amazon. Good stuff is from LumenTec for example. Almost 100Lumen per Watt"

"Personally, I find it disturbing that most lighting products available in retail stores are 3000-4000 k, which provide horrible color rendering in a home environment. (should be 2700k)"

"At work we use LED fixtures by Dialight, 72 watt, replacing 400 watt HID. They run cool. They run cool due to the massive heat sink"

"If you want cheap LED lights buy them off AliExpress.  You can get down light for about $2.50 for approx 600 lumen at 3-4 watts. You can get B22(bayonet)/E37(screw) type LED globes for about $3. Free postage too to major World locales."

"I  ordered mine directly from manufacturer somewhere on My choise is corn bulbs with 5630 LED which has 50lm ouput each according to the datasheet. 60x on one lamp gives like 120w incandescent light output and they are actually doesn't require additional heat dissipation as they are distributed over the lamp."

"I  use CREE bulbs bought from china…they seem good-working even after a couple of yrs, the brightness didn't decrease"

"hope you didn't throw those bulbs away +Linus Torvalds .  probably just the voltage regulators went soft.  LEDs are fine." — menarik, berarti bisa di reparasi.

"I attended a Facilities Conference with the Cree reps and have seen their tech. THEY are the global pioneers of LED technology and have the best warranty and Guaranty. Not only will their products last for a long time, they promise that you will not lose lumens."

Reshared post from +Linus Torvalds

Philips: your LED lights suck.

I've replaced most of the lights in our house with LED's, because I detest those nasty CFL's. 

And in general, things are working out pretty well. I'm particularly pleased with the 6" EcoSmart recessed lights you can get at Home Depot (not a bulb replacement – it replaces the whole trim kit).

But today I've been walking around changing out the Philips bulbs that are just a couple of years old. "40,000 hours" my ass. Sure, they still "work" – but actual light output is maybe a quarter of what it was when new.

I'm hoping the new Cree bulbs are better. Cree is the manufacturer for the LED module for the EcoSmart recessed lights, so I have some reason to be hopeful that a couple of years down the line I won't curse at them.

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