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Dog & Human

:: I've been puzzled that in Islam, we're basically prevented to be able to enjoy dogs as pet. The way I see it, dogs are better than cats – we can train them better, they're more caring, etc.

Reading this quote from Mark Twain, made me think; could it be because they (dogs) are indeed too good ?

I've known people who prefer dogs than people.Β And I'd probably have adopted some dogs myself too (if it's allowed).

Also, in many developed countries, more people chose to stay single, causing the native population to decline.Β 
In many cases, the country's population & birth rate is still normal, however most of them are from immigrants, not from the native people.

Dogs can help accompany these people to stay single. They are loving & loyal companion. Unlike many people.Β 

However, it may help us to drive ourselves into extinction.

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