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Psion 5MX –> infrared –> Nokia 6820 –> GPRS –> Internet

It was quite a struggle to get the setup above to work. It’s also quite scary because I don’t even know if 5MX is compatible with 6820, or if 6820 has modem functionality, etc.

But in the end, it works. You can find the instruction to get them to work here, mainly for my own future references, and also (hopefully) to benefit others in similar situation.

Note: I think it’s quite reasonable to assume that any Nokia phones newer than 6210 will be able to work with 5MX using this instruction. But, don’t bet your life on that statement.


The Steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select MODEMS > New
  3. Name: Nokia 6820
  4. Speed: 115200 baud
  5. Connect via: Infrared
  6. Fax class: Auto
  7. Options :
    (note: you’ll need to replace “” with your mobile provider’s setting)
    • Loudspeaker: Never
    • Volume: Quiet
    • Pause time: 4 seconds
    • Init (reset) string: AT&F&K3
    • Data Init: AT+CGDCONT=,”IP”,””
    • Fax init. string: Blank
    • Flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
    • Terminal detect (DSR/DTR): Ticked
    • Carrier detect (DCD): Unticked
    • Modem type: Mobile
  8. Click OK
  9. Back to Control Panel, open “Internet” settings:
  10. Click New
  11. Based on “Standard Settings” :
    • Name: My Internet
    • Connection type: Dial-up
    • Use smart dialling: Not ticked
    • Standard dial-up number: *99#
  12. ACCOUNT:
    (note: you’ll need to replace username & password with your mobile provider’s settings)
    • Manual login: Not ticked
    • Username: web
    • Password: password
    (note: you’ll need to replace both DNS addresses with your mobile provider’s settings)
    • Get IP adddress from server: Ticked
    • Get DNS addresses: Unticked
    • Primary DNS address:
    • Secondary DNS address:
  14. LOGIN:
    • Use login script: Not ticked
    • Enable PPP extensions: Ticked
    • Allow plain text authentication: Ticked
    • Use call back: Not ticked
  16. CLICK “DONE”
  17. Open “Message”
  18. Menu > Tools > Add New Account > Email
  19. Complete all fields in order to access your POP3 email
  20. FINISHED with set-up!

Again, please note that the settings above works if you’re a subscriber of O2 mobile phone network in UK only !
You’ll need to adjust some settings above to follow the settings from your own mobile phone provider. An example of such settings can be viewed here.

Now, to actually use the email or internet:

  • Activate infrared on the mobile
  • Activate GPRS on the mobile
  • Point at the infrared port of Psion 5MX
  • Open Message
  • Open Mailbox, and select an account
  • A new window appears “Connect to internet” – click OK
  • If you’re downloading email, ALWAYS Close mailbox before disconnecting from the Internet to avoid login problems on subsequent sessions.



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