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Against the Spammers – part 1

Do good – help kill a spammer today.

Recommended link-of-the-day : [ The Lad Vampire ]

The Lad Vampire specially targeted fake bank websites. They seems to be quite careful not to target an innocent victim, and they have actually shut down scammers’ websites.
And they already got many applause – from The Register, Computer Times, Monterey Herald, The New York Times, etc.

Funny links:
# A scammer got scammed and lost his gold
# is a website which, among others, get scammers to make silly photos of themselves, and then posted for the world to see.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last post on this topic, so see you soon.

do NOT use the alternate SpamVampire (the one located at It seems that they’re not a very careful bunch, at least they’ve targeted one innocent victim ( – and one victim is one too many already.

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