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Another victim of “War on Terror”

A few years ago, [ Isnet ] bought a brand new server to replace it’s old one that’s already dead. Quite decent for its time, the server was then moved to its location, where it’ll be connected to the Internet and started providing various services (mailing list, websites, etc). However, soon after it was moved, nothing was heard from it again. I was confused, but the show must go on. Our friends started the services again with whatever available; old computer on slow links, etc. Over the time a few servers are added, and now Isnet provides its services from 3 servers all over the world.

A bit about Isnet – it’s probably the first organisation providing the most complete service for muslim community on the Internet. Granted most of the services are in Indonesian language, but I’m still yet to find others as complete as Isnet at the first time it began. It was started by Indonesian students on several countries. Thus began the Islamic Network (Isnet).

Yesterday I received an email from one of our friend. Among the content of the email is a story of the new server. Apparently, shortly after it was connected to the Internet – on a network on USA – the admin received a notification, asking him to unplug the server. The reason ? It contains “sensitive information”. But if you know what the contents on Isnet are, and realise what’s going on at the time (Bush’s crusade) – you’ll realise that it’s because it is Isnet – “Islamic Network”.

The admin has no choice but to shut down the new server. After 2 years, the “new” server has finally arrived in Indonesia, no longer new. But at least we can plug it in without worrying of getting censored again.

Bush’s war causes way too much collateral damage, and way too little on its actual target (hi Osama). He sucks, big time.

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