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Camino : fastest web browser for Mac ?

Sometime ago I ranted about the fact that Firefox sucks when opening loads of ajax-ed websites. The posting, however, tend to draw more flame than discussion for its solution, unfortunately. Maybe I titled the post too harshly, as you can read the flame that ensued in a forum thread regarding this topic. But anyway, it’s still a fact.

A few days ago however I found a possible solution for it – Camino.
The description from Apple’s download site is “Mac OS X native web browser combining the Gecko rendering engine with Aqua user interface.”

I found this interesting.
Firefox uses XUL for its user interface, which is rendered by its internal Javascript engine which also renders the opened websites. Therefore, a slow ajax-ed website will also slow down Firefox’s user interface, or even making it “hang”.

Since Camino uses Mac OS X’s Aqua for its user interface, I guessed it will not suffer from the same problem as Firefox.

So far, I think it’s been proven true 😀
I’ve been browsing heavily with Camino v1.5.1 for several days now, and it’s on par with Opera, if not faster.

Here’s saying a big THANK YOU to the people at the Camino Project team.
What a relief it is to be able to browse with the Gecko rendering engine again, without the slow down of Firefox.


No product is perfect, of course. Camino, for example, doesn’t support Firefox extensions. This is only natural, since it doesn’t have XUL, which is required by the extensions.

However, feature-wise, it’s already quite fully loaded. And you can add some more features to it via the nice website.

Now I’m happily browsing at full speed on this 512KB internet connection 🙂


If you’re using Mac OS X, do give Camino a try. If you are not, you can try Opera,

By the way; Safari sucks. Apple says that it’s the fastest browser – hello ? No bloody way 🙂
While Firefox usually chokes up when I opened about 25 websites simultaneously, Safari already choked on about 10 websites, or less. And while Firefox will recover after a while, or restore your session if it crashed, this is not the case with Safari.
Only use it for light browsing, or avoid it altogether.

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