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Jonathan Schwartz : Open-Source Business Strategy

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – an article about business strategy utilizing open-source, written in clear and no non-sense language. Very easy to understand.

In summary; he recognizes the value of the community behind the open-source movement. He realized that with open-source, it may not be a quick sell. But within several years later, people will be coming at you in droves.

Understandably, this is not something that’s easy to be grasped by average company executives. But Schwartz realized this years ago, and able to explain it in ways that makes it easy to understand.
If you’re in IT business, do NOT miss this article.

Quoted :

All of which is to say – no amount of fear can stop the rise of free media, or free software (they are the same, after all).

The community is vastly more innovative and powerful than a single company.

And you will never turn back the clock on elementary school students and developing economies and aid agencies and fledgling universities – or the Fortune 500 – that have found value in the wisdom of the open source community.

Open standards and open source software are literally changing the face of the planet – creating opportunity wherever the network can reach.

I’m also starting to like this guy.
When his business was threatened by the competitions from open-source camp, he didn’t litigate. He didn’t choose the (seemingly, easy & safe choice). He choose to innovate.

And he’s reaping the benefit now. Even at the times of this financial crisis.

Well done Schwartz. Here’s hoping to the continued success of Sun in the future.

11 Responses to “Jonathan Schwartz : Open-Source Business Strategy

  • 1
    October 22nd, 2008 10:21

    pake bahasa inggris ya bos, kurang ngerti nih.
    translate donk.

  • 2
    Syafrudin Abi-Dawira
    October 22nd, 2008 10:25

    Kenyataan yang menarik dari Tuan Schwartz:
    – Dari ibunya, dia 1/4 India dan 1/4 Welsh, sedang dari bapaknya, dia 1/4 Hungaria dan 1/4 Rusia.
    – Weblog menjadikannya satu dari sangat sedikit blogger yang CEO Fortune 500.
    – Dia adalah co-founder Lighthouse Design dan kemudian menjadi CEO-nya saat Lighthouse diambil alih Sun. Lighthouse adalah pengembang Office suite untuk NeXTStep (moyangnya MacOS-X Cocoa), dan diambil alih untuk pasar office suite dan aplikasi lain berbasis OpenStep (kerja sama Sun dan NeXT). Sayangnya kemudian Sun memilih Java sebagai andalan utama sehingga OpenStep dan Lighthouse suite tenggelam. Dan Lighthouse suite bisa dipastikan tidak akan bangkit lagi ketika Sun memilih StarOffice ketika masuk lagi ke pasar office suite.

  • 3
    October 22nd, 2008 11:54

    Hope how SUN Indonesia operate their business also take the same path not just concentrate on selling hardwares :p

  • 4
    October 22nd, 2008 14:08

    @fans_theblues – iya nih, sori banget. Tapi gak apa kan, sekali2 jadi buka kamus 😉

  • 5
    October 22nd, 2008 14:24

    @feha – sepertinya demikian, mudah-mudahan memang komunikasi dari schwartz ke jajarannya cukup efektif. Setiap saya bicara dengan kawan2 dari Sun, jelas sekali bahwa fokus mereka adalah kepada komunitas. Menarik sekali.

  • 6
    Gin Vegas
    October 22nd, 2008 19:13

    Hmm… memang kesuksesan seseorang, terutama dalam hal blogging, tidak ditentukan oleh asal-usul, ras, dll melainkan dari kerja kerasnya.

    Nice article, salut!

  • 7
    Deborah Schmuck
    November 6th, 2008 01:45

    An interesting article, that gives you something to think about.
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  • 8
    November 11th, 2008 04:04

    That’s a well written article, I enjoyed very much to read it.
    It’s interesting how open source will develope in future.

  • 9
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    January 16th, 2012 17:19

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