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Good website monitor?

I’m looking for a good website monitoring service. This service will quickly, and accurately, notify me when any of the monitored website is not responding / down.
Please freely give your recommendation if you happen to know one.

My requirements:

1. We can choose the monitoring station’s locations
2. Robust monitoring system : I do NOT want false alarm.
3. Easy to setup, then it’ll work with no further intervention
4. SMS notification
5. Good cost/benefit ratio : I can set up this kind of service myself – but why hassling myself if there’s someone else already providing it for less cost/hassle?

Before I used’s service, because I read rave reviews of it all over the Net. But, to my confusion, it consistently send me false alarms.

OK it’s understandable when the monitored server is on Indonesia, with less-than-ideal international links. However, to get 10 false alarm everyday on servers hosted on ?? Needless to say, I got tired of it pretty quickly.

Thank you.

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