09 January 2001 — 12.23

WARNING: Computer Stuff

[ 1 ] Linux 2.4 is a good thing, but for widespread acceptance we’ll have to wait for the distro update.

[ 2 ] Bluetooth is still a load of crap.

After taking a look months ago I knew it won’t be ready until a very looong time. The last CES (Consumer Electronic Show?) confirmed that – the devices that showcases Bluetooth sucked big time.
It’s just simply the case of too much hype not enough deliveries; that’s all.

[ 3 ] Office 10 won’t be as successful as its predecessors.

I mean, how advanced and bloated can your typewriter be before you’re sick of it…?

[ 4 ] Microsoft .NET is a load of hype (as usual)

It won’t really take off until at least the next several years. Problem is, ASP (this is what .NET is basically all about) have not taken off even after prophesied for years; because of a lot of possibility of problems. People are simply reluctant to adopt it. Wonder if .NET will face the same fate later.

[ 5 ] Xbox will rule.

Face it, PS2 sucks – technologically it’s rather advanced, but the developers found it hard to harness the enhancements. Xbox on the other hand is very powerful (who could challenge NVidia, really? coupled with 733 MHz processor, etc) and very easy to develop with and with Microsoft marketing team’s backing it will be wildly popular

For added bonus, killer games made for it would be very easy to be ported to PC (read: Windows). That means not only Microsoft will have its reach extended to another area (read: game console = another revenue source! yum) Xbox will also provide more incentive for people to use PC.

Woops… I should submit these as an article to a computer magazine instead I guess…


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