Monthly Archives: February 2001

22 February 2001 — 16.28

I’ll start my MCSE course next week.. yipeee. Finally, some formal training, the last time I did any training was on the “Data Communication” (or something like that) course – things discussed including the use of Telix software to connect to BBS. Oh man, it’s been too long 🙂 however I never did any training that’s intended for formal certification, can’t afford it – so this is the first time in that case. It should be finished in 6 months if everything goes OK. In the same time, I’m supposed to undertake an exam for CNA certification. Well, why not CCNA and OCP and the whole lot while we’re at it ??? Certification overload 🙂

My friend put a link to a story (that I sent him) about how Nike mis-treated its workers in Indonesia in his online journal. Whenever I read stories like this, I’m grateful that I live in a MUCH better condition than them.
According to UN statistic, if you have a roof above you, have food for tomorrow – you’re better than about 70% than Earth population. I was speechless, stunned. I just didn’t realise how lucky I am. I shall try my best to cherish every moment that me and my family can enjoy together, and make other people’s life easier whenever I can.


22 February 2001 — 16.15

My IT-related website,, is doing good, more visitors, and also somehow I’m getting better at creating contents for it. Taking a step back, I just realised that I love sharing what I know in writing. Hope it’d be useful for everyone visiting that site.

The next step would be sharing it in speaking. I really would like to become a lecturer in computing. I’ve seen a lot of lecturers, but unfortunately most of them are so disconnected with reality – the students then became very confused when they started doing jobs. Not to mention the attitude of most of them. Granted there are some that are not, but they tend to be the exception (Mike Boyd and Jim Martin comes to my mind) not the majority.
Unfortunately it’s just not possible in the moment, but I hope it will soon.

When I updated my CV two days ago, I just realised that I’ve learned so much since the last time I wrote that CV. I just took it for granted I guess. Another event that triggered this realisation is when I joined the mailing list of my first university alumnus – I answered nearly every questions asked there. The fact that I could be of some help to the others is making me very happy.

I’ve approached a newspaper on which my articles were posted several years ago. Hopefully they’d be willing to start accepting my articles again.


12 February 2001 — 06.21

I just got the chance to update my weblog again. Yep folks, I was THAT busy. Office stuff (evaluating Synchronicity), and in home as usual the kids made “sure” that I never diverted my attention from them.
Like today, I was awake already from 2 am and haven’t sleep since. Amazingly I managed to do a lot of things between 2 am – 5.30 am (when the kids started to wake up) the night is actually your most productive time I guess. At day we’re too busy surfing the Internet to do anything useful… naaah, that’s not me 😉