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QKLK : Interfaith marriage, Less marriage than ever, and other random interesting links

The number of people getting married has fallen to the lowest level since records began in 1862, figures revealed yesterday, noted The Sun. People are also getting in married in older age; figures from the Office for National Statistics yesterday showed that the average age for men to marry in 2005 was 36.2 and for women it was 33.6.

However, age maturity doesn’t equal behaviour maturity. Survey shows that married couples have about 182 arguments a year.

Bloody hell. No wonder people are avoiding from getting married.

The Dr. Khaleel Mohammed pronounced that inter-faith marriage, even when the husband is non-muslim, is allowed.

I hate to burst his bubble, but I can already spot a flaw in his reasoning – there may be no more of this “people of the book”, whose women are the only non-muslims allowed to marry the muslim men.

The people of the book is called so because they still have the same fundamental believe as Islam – the believe in one God and, of course, have the original book. One like Waraqah, Khadijah’s uncle.

However, such Jews or Christians is pretty much non-existant today. Calling today’s Christians or Jews as the people of the book is a gross ignorance for a highly educated scholar like him.

I just can’t sympathize with people who mislead others like Dr. Khaleed. Why mislead when there are other options ??

In reality, Dr. Khaleed is not doing the right thing either. Marriage is already hard enough as it is – the joining of two totally different creature, man & woman. It’ll be harder when they are of different cultural background. And it is the hardest when they are of different religion.
I’ve personally seen the cases, and it’s not pretty, especially for the kids 🙁

Anyway, I’m sure other experts will be able to point out other flaws of his reasoning, but I’ll stop here.

Medieval Muslim made a stunning math breakthrough, says Reuters. A very complex tile pattern in a mosque in Iran was later realized to be a complex mathematical figure.

Quoted :

Magnificently sophisticated geometric patterns in medieval Islamic architecture indicate their designers achieved a mathematical breakthrough 500 years earlier than Western scholars, scientists said on Thursday.

By the 15th century, decorative tile patterns on these masterpieces of Islamic architecture reached such complexity that a small number boasted what seem to be “quasicrystalline” designs, Harvard University’s Peter Lu and Princeton University’s Paul Steinhardt wrote in the journal Science.

Only in the 1970s did British mathematician and cosmologist Roger Penrose become the first to describe these geometric designs in the West. Quasicrystalline patterns comprise a set of interlocking units whose pattern never repeats, even when extended infinitely in all directions, and possess a special form of symmetry.

“Oh, it’s absolutely stunning,” Lu said in an interview. “They made tilings that reflect mathematics that were so sophisticated that we didn’t figure it out until the last 20 or 30 years.”

What really scares the mullahs ?, that’s the question on International Herald Tribune today. The US navy armada showing up near Iran ? Nope – it’s the diplomatic might and fear of sanction.
The mullahs even backed up from the holocaust propaganda. This is good, because then we can start looking at it rationally again, instead of inviting shadowy figures like the guy from Ku Klux Klan, and instanly lost whatever credibility they have.

Re: holocaust – the holocaust did happen, but the Zionists are blowing it WAY over and over again. There are many even in USA who’s sick of their cry on this, while themselves implemented apartheid-style policies over the Palestinians.

Anyway, hope the stupid cowboy (GW Bush, yes, I’m looking at you) have someone holding his itchy fingers. A single missle launch – and the whole Iran WILL revolt and retaliate to as many Western targets as possible.
While with this diplomatic approach, a peaceful compromise is more possible to be achieved.

Circumcision’s anti-AIDS effect found greater than originally thought.
Very nice ! 50% to 65% chance of avoiding AIDS. Quoted :

If we had an AIDS vaccine that was performing as well as this, it would be the talk of the town.”

Even better, introduce them to Islam, and see the AIDS growth rate plunges even further as more people abstain from careless and free sex. Let’s hear it for AIDS-free Africa, yay.

Islam’s Middle Path

Since I was a kid I’ve been observing Islam with great interest. It’s my religion anyway.
At first I noted how my elementary teachers and our adults are preaching something, but doing entirely different things. Also we’re taught that Islam is all about dogma. There’s almost no compassion on it. There is no joy. The religion seems to be all about mumbling on prayers in language that we don’t understand, five times a day. And anyone dare not doing it may face public humiliation and/or physical punishment.
The Ramadhan was especially tormentous – we couldn’t eat nor drink during the hot days (30 – 35 degrees celcius). The night prayers are 11 rakaat, and followed by a very long (and very boring) sermon.
Nobody cared to really explain to us what’s all these about. We’re just supposed to do it without asking any questions.

These are the traditionalists.
Islam is just believing, no thinking. You just do. Don’t ever ask.
I asked once, and the teacher ended up stuttering and scolded me for it. I don’t ask again after.

It’s enough to make some kids lose faith and care about Islam, but I held on. I think, there’s an explanation to these, and I shall make the journey to find it.

When I’m older, in my high school years, I found out about Islam’s sects. With open mind, I joined one after another, most interested in widening my horizon. I noticed though that many of them are not good to be in for long term.
In the beginning, they will be nice to you. You’ll be called brothers and sisters. For those who didn’t find love at home, bullied at school, and so on; this is pure joy. Suddenly you feel needed, and wanted.

But after a while, they will try to draw you into their community. Locked you in, and started the weird part of their teachings.
Each sects have their own peculiarities – getting as much money for the sect using any (and I mean any; cheating, stealing, killing) way possible, made you swear an oath of allegiance, teaching irrational hatred for people (even Muslims), brainwash you, allows prostitution, make their syaikhs (gurus) close / to the same level of a prophet or even God, and many other horrible things.

All of them are the same in this regard – they all claim to be based on Quran and hadits, but interpret it to their own wishes. They’re extremist in this regard.

Anybody who dare to question their sect will be excommunicated from the group. This may seem trivial – however, after years of intense involvement in the group; most will find themselves suddenly alone in the world. Their old friends and families have long gave up on them. It’s truly heart breaking.
The fear of this kept many as the member of the group, even though the inner heart are crying.

Indeed not all groups are like that. A few are good and on the right path. But sadly, they seem to be the minority on the scene, and can be quite hard to find.

Then I went to UK, work there for 5 years, and found something else – the Liberals.
At first they seemed good – they preached upon tolerance, open-mindedness, equalities, justice, and critical thinking.

However, digging deeper, I found troublesome things.
They preached upon tolerance, yet they will get rid of their opposition and have no hesitation on silencing their voices whenever possible.
They preached critical thinking, yet they’re cherry-picking verses from Quran and Hadith to support their claims. Many times, they’ll just plain lie to you. If they can have the opportunity to assassin your character, they will.
And just like the sects, these liberals claim to be based on Quran and hadits; but they interpret it so liberally; it’s as if they’re telling you that an apple is really an orange. They’re just as extreme as the sects, but worse since they claim to be of a superior intelligence.

I don’t like to be taken as a fool, so I distanced myself from them.

Found myself alone again, with weird people around me. I continued my journey. I tried to find more about Islam, with my limited time and capability. I worked hard to filter the wacky interpretations, and goes straight to the source and original interpretations. And what I found have made the journey worth it.

Islam : is all about compassion, good behaviour, and love to others. The prophet stated that his mission is to make us better in our akhlaq. That is it.

I’ve been presented with spins from Liberals & Islam-haters, trying to rebuke it. But I always managed to find out every single time the truth behind it – some are not presenting the whole picture, some are presented without its context, some are misinterpretation from the original language, some are very liberal translation, and some are downright lies.
Many of the Islam’s problems they presenting are actually really Muslims problem. And they dare claiming to be the superior thinkers ? I don’t think so.

Islam : wants their believers to think and use their brains. The command “Afala ta’qiluun” – have you think about that ? It’s written many times in Quran.
My journey was emotionally and intellectually painful. I’ve had to wade through so much crap and non-sense, sometimes even from people I thought would know better. This command kept me going, enduring the pain.

The result is, not perfect, but definitely a better me – one who finally understood the essence of his religion, and at ease with it. The old cliche is still true – no pain, no gain.

I also found several inspirations from some other good people :

  1. Amar Ma’ruf Nahi Munkar : This is the principle of da’wa / calling people to Islam, meaning “call people to good, and prohibit them from bad”.

    Notice how the call for good is mentioned first. Then I noticed that the most successfull preachers are those who busy themselves in calling people to the good – with sympathetic words, understanding of people’s problems, and positive attitude in helping people to get over with their problems — instead of just criticizing people on their faults.

    People become attracted to the good, and automatically, they leave their bad side.

    These preachers solve problems, instead of adding more of it.
    I shall try to do the same.

  2. Care for others : This must begin with your closest ones. If you claim you care for others, while neglecting your own family, I’ll call you a hypocrite.

    When people care about others, Islam will be able to fulfill its promise as the rahmatan lil ‘alamin – a blessing to the world.

I’ve realized now that the problem with Islam is really the problem with Muslims. Many are ignorant, led by ignorant (or downright evil) ulama / syaikh / community leaders.
We need to awaken them by tapping on them gently and using kind words. Not kicking and screaming on them – and later wondered why they ended up beating you into a pulp. The way of Islam is the middle path – kind, gentle, soothes, and most importantly, enlightens.

So I begin my new journey. May God look upon me kindly and strengthen this weak shell and its soul for this journey, which shall not end until my death.

Solution : VisualBasic on Linux / non-Microsoft platform

One of the most asked questions I got from customer, in relation to their planned migration to Linux, is “Will Linux runs our legacy application ?”. And, 90% of the time, that legacy apps will be a VisualBasic 6 application. They feared that it won’t run on Linux, and their business will suffer.

I’ve always told my customers that “technical problems are not a problem“.
I can always help them find a solution for a technical issue. It’s the political ones that’s sometimes proved impossible to deal with 🙂
For example, once I met with a Canadian consultant, who happily informed me that he has been successful in making legacy apps running in older-than-dinosaur servers to talk with the web-apps on Linux, by creating a wrapper for these oldies. My inner geek bowed and saluted his hacking wizardry, and again my faith in our ability to overcome technical issues is strengthened.

Back to VisualBasic, what I did then is to observe their current situation. Each customer is unique, and a solution won’t always work for each of them. After the fact-finding session, then I usually able to prescribe the best solution for them.

Today I found one other possible solution for this.

Found a discussion on Slashdot, where it was noted that RealBasic is almost 100% compatible with VisualBasic and will run on non-Microsoft platform (even on Mac OS X).
Many will find its price (US$ 500) is way cheaper than to redevelop their corporate application.

Although not the solution for all, but it’s always good to have yet another choice, especially at this medium price range – it’s a clean solution and still affordable.

Just another reminder why I still check Slashdot from time to time — it’s not for the news, but the comments.
You guys rock. Thank you.

And to those looking to develop their corporate application – go web-based guys. Tying yourself to a single, proprietary, platform may prove very costly later.

And always, again, ALWAYS get the source code. Do not deal with a developer which will develop your corporate apps but won’t give you the source. Period.
You will thank me later for this, and when that happens, you may feel like transmitting a huge amount of money to my bank account. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal. In that case, just comment in this post, and you shall find my account details in your email in just a few minutes. 😀

OK, gotta code !

Solution: USB hard disk on Powerbook G4

I’ve found that my USB external hard disk (2.5 inch) doesn’t work on Powerbook G4. This is because Powerbook actually conforms to USB standard, and only provide 500 mA power to each of its 2 USB port. This, unfortunately, is not enough to power-up the hard disk.

A solution is to buy a powered USB hub; plug it to the Powerbook. Then plug the USB hard disk to the hub.

Another solution is possible though if you have a USB Y-cable. A Y-cable is a USB cable where one end has 2 connectors.
Basically, you plug the end with one connector to the hard disk, and then plug each of the other 2 connectors to Powerbook’s 2 USB port.

I furthered the hack by plugging one of the connector (because it’s not long enough to reach the Powerbook’s other USB port) to an unpowered USB hub, then I plug that hub to the other Powerbook’s USB port.

Since 2 USB port x 500 mA = 1000 mA, now it has enough power for the 2.5 hard disk.

I haven’t tried this trick with standard (3.5 inch) hard drive though.
You may have to use the powered USB hub, or, use the Y-cable and plug one of its connector to a desktop computer. Most desktop computers’ USB ports nowadays have enough juice to power even things that wasn’t supposed to be plugged there (USB-powered fan anyone?)

Anyway, HTH.

Krisis Darah – donor yukk..

Dapat kabar dari orang tua saya, katanya PMI sedang krisis darah, karena berbagai bencana yang menimpa kita akhir-akhir ini. Terutamanya mungkin berkaitan dengan wabah demam berdarah akhir-akhir ini ya.

STOP PRESS – daftar lokasi acara donor darah :

  1. Setiap hari Kamis, lokasi dekat kantor Republika.
    Belum sempat diverifikasi – ada yang bisa membantu konfirmasi kebenaran kabar ini ?
  2. Jumat, 23 Februari 2007, pkl 10:00 – 13:30. Lokasi: mesjid raya Bintaro.

Jadi teringat rencana saya untuk donor darah di Hangtuah, namun selalu gagal karena acaranya selalu hari Sabtu – kebetulan hari Sabtu itu masih hari kerja bagi saya (Yudi – saya gak menyalahkan Hangtuah lhoo, hehe). Biasanya justru banyak meeting bisa diadakan pada hari itu.

Nah, ternyata hari Rabu, 21 Februari 2007, ada acara donor darah PMI, di Carrefour Lebak Bulus. Mulai dari pukul 10:00 s/d selesai.
Wah ternyata kebetulan itu pas waktu lowong saya, syukurlah !

Bagi yang sedang tidak sempat, atau lokasinya jauh, bisa mencoba salah satu dari berbagai kantor PMI berikut ini : Daftar kantor PMI di seluruh Indonesia.

Anda punya informasi mengenai acara donor darah di lokasi lainnya ? Mohon bantuannya untuk berbagi beritanya dengan berkomentar di posting ini, sehingga kita bisa ramaikan acaranya.

Kapan lagi kita bisa memberikan bantuan yang sedemikian besarnya, tanpa mengeluarkan duit ? 😀

Mari menyumbangkan darah — kalaupun Anda sedang tidak bisa, paling tidak sebarkan informasi ini, sehingga jadi ada (syukur-syukur malah banyak) yang menyumbangkan darahnya.

btw; saya akan coba untuk selalu update posting ini dengan informasi acara donor darah terbaru.

1. Blood donor saves lives
2. Daftar kantor PMI di seluruh Indonesia

Masjid Al-Aqsa, atau Dome of Rock ?

Dome of Rock, NOT Al-Aqsa mosqueSelama ini saya mengira bahwa mesjid dengan kubah emas (seperti yang terlihat di gambar di samping kiri) ini adalah Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Ternyata, berdasarkan informasi dari BBC, mesjid tersebut adalah yang biasa dikenal dengan “Dome of Rock”.

Lebih jelasnya bisa dilihat di gambar dibawah ini :

Sebelumnya memang saya sudah menerima informasi mengenai hal yang sama. Namun, karena berbentuk email berantai, dan berasal dari kawan yang sebelumnya sudah tertipu oleh tipuan email berantai lainnya 😀 maka (tentu saja) otomatis tidak langsung saya percayai begitu saja.
Kemudian saya mencoba mencari informasi yang lebih bisa diandalkan lagi mengenai hal ini.

Terimakasih kepada BBC, mudah-mudahan inilah informasi yang sebenarnya.

Sumber: In Jerusalem, you can not just “dig”

LCP Terminated error

If you’re having problems connecting to the Internet via your mobile phone’s GPRS / 3G connection with “LCP Terminated” error, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you need to put a line like this in your modem’s configuration file :

On Mac :
write “AT+CGDCONT=1,\34IP\34,\\34,\34\34,0,0\13”

On Linux/Windows :

I’m quite sure because my Internet access in my Powerbook suddenly stopped. I kept on getting “LCP Terminated” error message in the PPP’s logfile. I messed around with almost all the settings to no avail – when I realized that the line above is disabled in the config file (doh).
Enabled it, and I got connected straight away…

The most complete APN list is here.
Let me know if you managed to find a better one.

Hope it helps someone.

keywords: ppp terminated error pap ms-dns

Nokia E90 Released

I’m happily using my Nokia E70 for quite some time now. However, as an ex-user of two Nokia Communicators, I couldn’t help yesterday but wonder if Nokia will release a better version of its Communicator series.

Voila – then I found the news that Nokia E90 has been launched !

E90 camera & speakerNokia E909500, E90, 9300

The Nokia Communicator series has been notorious for being slow and missing common high-end features, and a few other ugliness. I was so pleasantly surprised that E90 will be the first Communicator that won’t be so. Check it out :

  • Slow ? Nope, E90 uses the same processor as N95 & N800, and very speedy ! It’s able to do fullscreen video playback smoothly.
  • Weak / cheap feel ? E90 now sport strong hinges, and feels solid overall.
  • Internal memory ? 128 MB overall, usually leaving 80MB free. This is one problem on E70 – turned out it has small internal memory, so sometimes it’s not able to run more that a few apps simultaneously. No such problem with E90.
  • Connectivity ? it’s worthy of its name – Quadband GSM, bluetooth 2 w/ A2DP support, WiFi, USB 2, GPRS, EGDE, UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G). Very, very nice indeed. No fax though, but you can workaround this for example by subscribing to Internet-based fax service.
  • Camera ? no more weak VGA cam – it’s now a 3.2 MB camera with LED flash plus an internal cam for video calls !
  • Other features ? GPS – finally ! Stereo speakers, 3D, FM radio, now also vibrates (!), updateable firmware via Internet, etc.

E90 is what 9500 should have been. Now it has all the important features, and then some. Very well done Nokia. When I got this, it may very well cause my laptop to gather dust at home.

Looking forward to its launch in Indonesia.

Pengakuan Dosa dan Kabar Gembira

Setelah lama merasa tersiksa, akhirnya dengan berat hati saya memutuskan untuk menghapus semua links kategori “Friends” dari blog saya ini. Bukan apa-apa, jauh lebih cepat orang mentaut ke blog saya ini daripada saya mentaut balik dari blog saya. Saya pribadi merasa ini tidak adil, dan sudah lama saya menderita karena ini.

Akhirnya, saya terpaksa memutuskan untuk menghapus semuanya, agar semuanya sama, tidak tercantum di kategori tersebut.

Kabar gembiranya, saya telah memasang plugin DoFollow !
Dengan ini, maka semua komentator (termasuk kawan-kawan saya tadi) di blog ini otomatis akan mendapatkan link / tautan dari blog ini, yang kebetulan saat ini diberi PageRank 5 oleh Google.
Ini juga adalah penghargaan dan rasa terimakasih saya atas semua kontribusi Anda, sehingga blog ini bisa menjadi jauh lebih bermanfaat.

Saya sendirian tidak bisa berbuat banyak. Namun, sharing informasi Anda di komentar di berbagai artikel telah membantu banyak orang, mencerahkan saya, menunjuki para penjelajah Internet ke jalan yang lurus, mengkoreksi kesalahan-kesalahan saya, dan menjadikan blogsphere Indonesia secara keseluruhan menjadi suatu tempat yang sangat menarik.
Pada saat ini hanya inilah yang bisa saya perbuat sebagai wujud terimakasih saya kepada Anda sekalian.

Lalu, ada sesuatu yang baru di sidebar blog ini — widget Tunas Cendekia 🙂
Kini jadi mudah untuk peduli dan selalu up to date dengan perkembangan mereka. Cukup klik disini, lalu paste di blog Anda – voila ! WTC – Widget Tunas Cendekia.

Selamat menikmati.

Open Source Business Intelligence

To be honest, I never expected to find an Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) application, yet here it is; Pentaho. Amazing.

It encompasses almost the whole spectrum of Business Intelligence concept; Reporting, Analysis, Data Mining, the BI platform, Dashboards/Management tools, and Workflow.

Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence

Good stuff. Now I know what to answer when my customers are asking me for an open BI solution.
Well done!

Tim Badminton Indonesia Juara di Asian Sports Tournament

Kabar gembira dari kawan-kawan di Birmingham, dimana tim Indonesia barusan telah memenangkan kompetisi Asian Sports Tournament.
Mudah-mudahan semakin sukses di masa depan 🙂

From: “hadianto wirajuda”
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 10:27:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [MIB] Indonesia Juara Badminton

Dengan mengucap syukur Alhamdulillah, pada hari ini team bulutangkis Indonesia yang terdiri dari:

1. Handal Suryaputra, Men’s Single
2. Suryawan Murtiadi – Victor Mandag, Men’s Double
3. Budi Yulianto – Surya Pandita, Men’s Double

telah secara bersama-sama mengikuti Asian Sports Tournament yang diselenggarakan oleh Malaysian Society bertempat di University of Birmingham. Pada kesempatan ini kami ingin mengucapkan selamat kepada Handal Suryaputra yang telah meraih medali emas (Juara I) untuk kategori Men’s Single setelah mengalahkan peserta dari Vietnam, serta kepada pasangan Suryawan Murtiadi – Victor Mandag yang juga telah berhasil menjadi Juara I untuk kategori Men’s Double dengan menundukkan ganda dari Vietnam. Kepada pasangan Budi Yulianto – Surya Pandita kami juga ingin mengucapkan selamat dan terima kasih atas keikut-sertaannya dalam membela nama Indonesia dalam event ini.

Turnamen yang kali ini diikuti oleh Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, dan Hongkong merupakan event tahunan yang diselenggarakan oleh Malaysian Society. Diharapkan Indonesia dapat mempertahankan prestasi ini untuk penyelenggaraan event serupa di tahun yang akan datang.

Selamat dan sukses.

Atas nama seluruh Pengurus PPI MIB dan warga masyarakat Indonesia di Birmingham,

Ian Wirajuda
PPI MIB, Birmingham

Bahaya Situs (Blog) Gratisan

Saya baru saja mendapatkan email bahwa seorang kawan blogger, Luthfi Assadad, blognya dimatikan oleh hosternya,, dengan alasan “melanggar TOS (Terms Of Service)”. Walhasil, isi blognya lenyap semua, dan tidak diketahui apakah akan bisa diselamatkan atau tidak.

Sebetulnya, dimana pun kita hosting blog/situs kita pasti akan selalu ada kemungkinan ini (lenyapnya data). Namun, pada situs/blog gratisan, resikonya jauh lebih besar. Penyebabnya bisa kita baca di isi TOS :

Automattic has the right (though not the obligation) to, in Automattic’s sole discretion (i) refuse or remove any content that, in Automattic’s reasonable opinion, violates any Automattic policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable, or (ii) terminate or deny access to and use of the Website to any individual or entity for any reason, in Automattic’s sole discretion. Automattic will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.

Dan ini makin diperparah dengan ustomer service nya — karena mungkin ada jutaan blog di pada saat ini, tentu sulit bagi mereka untuk membalas email komplain dari kita – mengapa situs kita tiba-tiba dilenyapkan begitu saja?
Pada hosting berbayar kita masih lebih mungkin mendapatkan penjelasan dari mereka, sehingga kemudian kita bisa memenuhi TOS mereka.

Lalu bagaimana solusinya jika kita sudah terlanjur menggunakan hosting ?
Saya barusan bertanya kepada seorang kawan, menurutnya ada fasilitas Backup di

Nah, dengan memanfaatkan fasilitas tersebut, maka jika tiba-tiba Anda tertimpa bencana ini, data-data di blog Anda sudah aman tersimpan di komputer Anda sendiri.

Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat. Terlampir adalah email selengkapnya dari kawan saya tersebut.

From: Luthfi Assadad
Date: Feb 12, 2007 10:14 AM
Subject: Mohon Bantuan Dari Teman-teman blogger Semuanya

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh …
Teman-teman blogger semuanya ….
Pagi ini, ada sesuatu yang lain ketika saya mengakses blog saya ( BLOG SAYA DISUSPEND termasuk akunnya. Untuk akun yang disuspend akhirnya bisa kembali lagi dengan bantuan menu Reset Password (Lost Password). Blog saya disuspend dengan alasan melanggar Term of Service, yang mana saya sendiri gak tahu TOS yang mana yang saya langgar.

Setelah berhasil login (dengan password baru), rupanya blog utama saya tersebut hilang dari list blog2 saya.
Untuk itu, demi persahabatan kita, tolong, kirimkan email ke pihak wordpress melalui menu support dan meminta wordpress agar mengembalikan blog utama saya. Sekalian tanyakan TOS yang mana yang saya langgar.

Yang terakhir, sekalian sebarkan ke yang lain.
Dukungan dari teman-teman blogger wp sangat saya harapkan.
Terima kasih atas perhatian dan dukungannya.

Luthfi Assadad

Indonesia Flood : hundreds thousands homeless, death toll rising

(source: Reuter)

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has been hit by some of the worst flood in years. Some areas are said to be submerged 4 meters under water. About 200,000 thousands are currently homeless, with 20 found dead; and the numbers are rising.

The rain has finally stopped after pouring in for days, giving chance for rescue workers to evacuate people faster. This is in anticipation of more rain.

“Jakarta is geographically not qualified to be the capital city, but this is the reality,” Sutiyoso, Jakarta’s governor, said in an interview on Metro TV. “We can’t afford to move the capital city somewhere else.”
Sutiyoso blamed deforestation south of Jakarta, which obliterated the water catchment area. However, when the rain fell just in Jakarta alone, it still floods. Sutiyoso was under heavy fire when similar flood happened five years ago, and the flood this time proved that he hasn’t accomplish anything to stop it from happening again.

There was plan to build a new flood canal on 1970, in addition to the current one built by the Dutch on 1930; but it was never completed. Talks are starting again now to restart the project. It’s estimated that it will cost around $440 million.

People are concerned that the flood will bring new outbreak. With dengue fever already in rise, additional outbreaks will seriously burden already overloaded medical facilities.

Parts of Jakarta has experienced various loss of services – electricity, clean water, telephone & mobile phone service, etc. The flood is so bad it reached places which never experienced it before.
Internet access also has been affected, with Telkom (one of the biggest Internet Service Provider) Internet giving out sluggish performance. Telkom’s datacenter, which hosts the Indonesian President’s website, was also affected when the electricity went out and the generators can’t be started because it’s put in the basement, which was already submerged under water.

Below is list of important contact details / source of information, courtesy of Indonesia News Blog :

Continue reading Indonesia Flood : hundreds thousands homeless, death toll rising

Bintaro Plaza 21 : berdua nomat malam

Hari Senin kemarin ini (29 Januari 2007), saya mengajak pacar saya untuk nomat (nonton hemat) di bioskop Bintaro Plaza 21. Ini karena saya baru tahu ternyata ada jadwal tayang pukul 21:55. Wah kebetulan, jadi saya dijemput istri dari kantor, lalu bisa langsung nomat. Kebetulan saya tertarik untuk menonton film Pathfinder.

Pukul 17:00 kami mampir sebentar ke bioskop, dan membeli tiketnya. Saya lihat di layar komputer kasir, baru kami berdua yang membeli tiket untuk film Pathfinder pukul 21:55, enak juga bisa bebas memilih tempat duduk. Kami pilih yang di tengah. Lalu saya diantar kembali ke kantor.

Pukul 21:30 Helen sudah muncul di kantor saya. Setelah mengunci semua pintu, kami berangkat ke Bintaro Plaza 21.
Setibanya disana, karena kelaparan, saya membeli donat di Dunkin Donut yang ketika itu sudah mau tutup. Ketika sudah selesai memilih dan akan membayar, saya baru sadar Helen agak cemberut.

“Rok mereka kok mini banget”, komplainnya. “Wah, enggak perhatiin tuh”, jawab saya, maklum orang lagi kelaparan. Saya dipelototi jadinya 😀 tapi akhirnya dia sadar bahwa saya memang benar-benar terlalu sibuk memilih donat dan tidak sempat memperhatikan yang mengambilkannya, he he. Yah mudah-mudahan saja ini bukan policy dari Dunkin Donut (contoh: karyawati WAJIB menggunakan rok yang panjangnya MAKSIMUM 10 cm, yay)

Saya sengaja membeli makanan di luar bioskop karena setahu saya pada jam tersebut counter makanan di bioskop sudah tutup, dan ternyata memang demikian. Penjaga bioskop jadi tidak mempermasalahkan makanan yang kami bawa dan langsung mempersilahkan kami masuk. Dan ketika itulah kami baru menyadari sesuatu yang aneh.

Hanya ada kami berdua di bioskop tersebut 😀

Karena tanpa sekrinsyut adalah basbang, maka terlampir adalah foto situasi di bioskop Bintaro Plaza 21 ketika itu, pukul 22:00 tgl 29 Januari 2007 :



(klik di foto untuk memperbesar)

Kita tertawa-tawa sambil tercengang… tumben euy. Serasa bioskop probadi.

Setelah menonton iklan film Rocky, maka film Pathfinder dimulai.
Filmnya sih tidak terlalu spesial, tapi ada satu pelajaran yang menarik dari situ — ketika jelas sudah ketahuan ada ancaman yang berbahaya, dan ada waktu 15 tahun untuk beradaptasi dan bersiap untuk menghadapinya lagi; kenapa tidak dilakukan?
Untung saja ada Ghost, sehingga suku Indian (yang masih mengandalkan teknologi zaman batu) tidak habis dibantai oleh bangsa Viking.

Tapi film ini memang brutal dan cukup eksplisit, jadi yang tidak tahan melihat darah sebaiknya jangan menontonnya.

Selesai menonton Pathfinder, tanpa kami ketahui, masih ada kejutan lebih besar yang menanti.

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Azyumardi Azra : Boleh Konsumsi Daging Haram

Sebuah kolom Azyumardi Azra di Republika,18 Januari 2007, cukup meremehkan syariat agamanya sendiri. Terkutip :

Berbagai kelompok mahasiswa seperti ini umumnya mengembangkan paham –jika tidak ideologi– keagamaan yang dapat disebut ‘neo-konservatif’. Sebagai contoh saja, mereka hanya mau memakan makanan yang dibeli dari ‘Halal Store’, ‘Halal Food’, atau ‘Halal Meat’, meski tidak selalu mudah menemukan tempat seperti itu. Bagi mereka, mahasiswa lain yang misalnya memakan daging yang dibeli dari Supermarket biasa adalah orang-orang yang lemah Islam dan imannya, meski secara fiqhiyyah hal itu bisa dibenarkan.

Jadi karena saya mau berusaha untuk mengkonsumsi daging halal *plak* tiba-tiba di jidat saya menempel sebuah stiker bertulisan “neo konservatif” 😀

Secara fiqh, boleh mengkonsumsi daging non-halal ketika situasi darurat; contoh: Anda akan meninggal dunia kalau tidak melakukannya.

Tapi jika masih bisa didapatkan, walaupun musti berusaha (mosok sih umat Islam sedemikian lembek dan malasnya), maka saya kira yang haram ya tetap berstatus haram.

Kalaupun tetap tidak ada juga daging halal, ‘kan masih bisa juga go vegetarian. Malah lebih sehat pula. Mosok kita kalah (tekad & kreativitas) sedemikian mudahnya dengan non-muslim di The Vegetarian Society ? Malu dong ah 🙂

Saya sudah pernah coba berbagai produk vegetarian, favorit saya adalah hotdog vegetarian yang dijual di kantin Ikea @ Wednesbury. Uih enak euy, tidak kalah dengan yang daging betulan. Saban kesana pasti saya beli banyak.

Malah kalau kita go vegetarian, tidak hanya lebih sehat, plus juga berpahala. Enak banget kan.

Shame on you pak Azyumardi. Please jangan mendorong kita untuk menjadi umat yang lembek dan mudah kalah seperti ini lah. Kapan kita mau majunya, kalau baru soal makanan yang remeh seperti ini saja sudah menyerah begitu saja ?

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