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23 January 2001 — 09.40

Our Internet Gateway (running Linux Mandrake v7.2) with the new serial I/O card installed is ok now. Woohoo. With irqtune set up it’s actually faster than before, I simply put the serial port’s IRQ as the highest priority in kernel – voila, smoother and faster (don’t compare it with ISDN though!) Internet access.
What’s more, it’s very easy to setup too. I mean, VERY easy. Highly recommended.
Sarah had started rolling her body now. OhmyGod, now she can easily go anywhere in the room, gotta be more careful 🙂 when she started to walk though the real nightmare will start *grin*

Anisah started to behave even better now, a nice change. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have to be FIRM to our children. Get her attention first (including dragging her to in front of your face when necessary), use short sentences, and show her that you really mean it.
But, being firm doesn’t equal to being mean, or nasty – something that some parent err. We hope we can learn from others and learn very quickly from our past mistakes.


15 January 2001 — 11.30

I bought my mobile phone (Motorola m3788) primarily because it can use AA battery in case its NiMH ran out of juice. And it happened indeed – several times (I’m so forgetful); but I can’t use AA batteries as its replacement, because its too big.
Turned out you gotta buy another battery door that will accommodate those (bigger) AA batteries. That sucks enough, but then I found out that no one carries it in UK – not even Motorola itself. Argh. WTF??

Sarah is getting even more talkative now. And she gets along better with her sister – she’s not as scared as before to her (Sarah is almost as big as Anisah!!) and she can always plant her nails in case Anisah went too far. Or pull her hair. O-u-c-h =)
We gotta find a better glove for those slick little hands!


12 January 2001 — 14.00

Nowadays I saw too many people not very happy with their lives.
I remember that in my parents’ village around 1900-1950 it’s very usual for people to get married on a very young age – 18 years and such. They became established traders usually around the age of 20; not too long then they have their own house, transportation means (bike/horse/cow/car/etc). Life was quite peaceful at that time (except for the fact that we’re being colonialised by the Dutch!)

In comparison, nowadays people usually spend their first 25 years of life getting educated; sometimes even more. Memory of the exams, the bullies, the killer tutors; the nightmare.
Escaped from that (at last!) then they try to find a decent job, which is getting harder to get. And the office sometimes can be their first taste of hell too; killer manager, stabber-in-the-back colleagues, etc.
After that struggle, it’s not too long before they become very heavily in debt as they bought car and house – otherwise they won’t be able to buy it at all for, like, 15 years.
Then, they can start thinking about marriage (if they think about it at all) – but by that time usually it’s rather hard to find your soulmate with you busy all day in the office. And you’re already quite old; 32 – 35 years?
Then (again) to cope with the bills, usually (unless the man have a VERY decent job) both of them will have to work – they’ll find it hard to find quality time for them together.
But, just wait until they started having kids…

And all of those trouble for what?

A lot of people are asking that question. But I’m glad because I have something to hold on. And I’m very thankful to that – otherwise I think I’ll have gone mad by now.


11 January 2001 — 13.34

I’m very easily tired this past several days.. wonder why.
I think I’ll try not eating dinner for a change.

Dani (my brother) just arrived back from Jakarta several days ago – and lost his luggage again. When he flew to Jakarta, the luggage was lost as well. He use Air France.
Highly NOT recommended – especially since Emirates (better, and cheaper too) now is present at Birmingham Airport as well.

Wow I’m not feeling too well… have asked my wife to pick me up in 15 minutes.


09 January 2001 — 12.23

WARNING: Computer Stuff

[ 1 ] Linux 2.4 is a good thing, but for widespread acceptance we’ll have to wait for the distro update.

[ 2 ] Bluetooth is still a load of crap.

After taking a look months ago I knew it won’t be ready until a very looong time. The last CES (Consumer Electronic Show?) confirmed that – the devices that showcases Bluetooth sucked big time.
It’s just simply the case of too much hype not enough deliveries; that’s all.

[ 3 ] Office 10 won’t be as successful as its predecessors.

I mean, how advanced and bloated can your typewriter be before you’re sick of it…?

[ 4 ] Microsoft .NET is a load of hype (as usual)

It won’t really take off until at least the next several years. Problem is, ASP (this is what .NET is basically all about) have not taken off even after prophesied for years; because of a lot of possibility of problems. People are simply reluctant to adopt it. Wonder if .NET will face the same fate later.

[ 5 ] Xbox will rule.

Face it, PS2 sucks – technologically it’s rather advanced, but the developers found it hard to harness the enhancements. Xbox on the other hand is very powerful (who could challenge NVidia, really? coupled with 733 MHz processor, etc) and very easy to develop with and with Microsoft marketing team’s backing it will be wildly popular

For added bonus, killer games made for it would be very easy to be ported to PC (read: Windows). That means not only Microsoft will have its reach extended to another area (read: game console = another revenue source! yum) Xbox will also provide more incentive for people to use PC.

Woops… I should submit these as an article to a computer magazine instead I guess…


09 January 2001 — 06.55

Wake up late this morning and rather tired even though I was way overslept (9 hours!!)
Then I realised what happened; it was very cold outside that my heater was unable to cope. As the result, the room temperature REALLY dropped; sending us deeper into sleep.

Then we finally woke up; nose hurts (humidity only 23%), eyes hurts (again, because of the low humidity), sore throat (humidity again), and we’re not feeling very well. I almost got cold… Joy.

But the girls were very happy this morning. Yesterday, Anisah started going to her playgroup again, the first after the long holiday. Sarah, of course, went there as well. As my wife said, they’re simply ecstatic. Going around like crazy; Sarah can only see them from her chair, but that’s all it takes to make her very happy as well. (she’s started trying to stand btw).

Also yesterday Anisah helped me made a cheesecake. She was very very proud that SHE can help ME 🙂 🙂 won’t stop whisking the mix, hehe…
This morning the cake was finally ready; I took it from the freezer, and she really enjoyed eating it.


08 January 2001 — 06.42

Saw last night’s episode of X-Files, and it was brilliant.

The story was about some guy, named Henry, who simply can’t have bad luck (he don’t need to say “wish me luck”, ever!) but this guy is smart and realise that it’s not always a blessing.

“Cause and effect, everything is for a reason”, he said.
When he was hit by a truck and badly wounded, Mulder and (the logical/sceptic) Sculley thought he finally had run out of his luck. But things turned out to be a blessing in disguise, when the mafia guy (that wanted to kill him) was dead instead, they found out that he had a very rare blood type – just exactly the one needed by Henry’s closest friend, a dying child.

So everything is happening for a grand scheme, that none of us can fully understand before the conclusions rolls in.
I like that.


08 January 2001 — 02.22

What a weekend… we’re quite busy (argh even forgot to look for Data Network notes for Hery) had an invitation from our friends in Wolverhampton, then in Sunday the kids made us busy – but they deserved it.

I truly envy my father, he just have some shops in the market – but he managed to raise us properly (even sent me abroad) and most importantly he had a lot of time for his children. That’s because he works for himself, he set his own worktime, not set by his employer. And now he’s just enjoying his life, mainly just taking care his youngest child (Arif, 4 years old).

But these hasn’t come easily. My mother told me of what he had gone through in his early days – his struggling with his first shops, people cheating on him, how many times he was in the verge of bankruptcy, etc.
He pulled through all of them.

I don’t think I have the strength yet to go through all of those – that’s why I just work for someone else. But I hope one day I could become like my father, and make him proud of me.


08 January 2001 — 01.47

Just had a discussion with a Shiite/Syiah/Shee’ah/Shi’ah guy in a mailing list. This guy is promoting the ideals of Shi’ite to other muslims in the list. Problem is, Shi’ite is not even recognised as muslim by the muslim scholars:

The Shi’ite are big problem for us, muslims. They are shouting to everyone “hey we’re THE muslim”. Yet they kill the innocents by the act of terrorism – including other muslims (especially the Sunni), so what would stop them from killing/doing injustice to non-muslims…

The scholars were not shy at all at describing the falseness of them, so I don’t think I would. I won’t waste more of my time on them, I’ll just give them the URL, and hopefully I’d be able to devote my time to other more useful things.


05 January 2001 — 14.15

This morning when my wife was waiting for me in the parking lot, a man came and examined my car. While she was wondering what he’s up to, he came and said “I’m looking for a car (and yours looks great) did you ever have any problem driving it?” and continued to chat with her for sometime.
That made it TWICE some complete strangers complimented my car.
Moral of the story? You don’t need to have a Ferrari Testarossa to have strangers praising your car 😉
(just kidding! I’m not some kind of praise-maniac guy or something.. yuck)

My car is just a small, simple Nissan. But I gotta admit this particular model (year 2000, K11 ?) do looks good, also the color (China blue).
However, the original reasons for me to choose it was simply for its price (can you believe that I bought it for less than 7000 quid, including tax+insurance+RAC), low insurance rate (it’s a one litre model) and reliability (Nissan cars are quite well-known for this).

Cool fact, I bought it from Internet (I’m such a geek, I can’t resist the temptation) –
They’re basically a broker, when you ask for a car they’ll query their dealers network and give you the best deal(s). I was pleasantly surprised too when I realised that they also provide customer aftersales service, along with the Nissan dealer. Some facts for the Micra:

The specs
History of the Micras
More cool facts
Nissan Micra user group – here in UK!
Photos of some other Micras and their owners


05 January 2001 — 09.58

This is just so unbelievably stupid – 🙂

The girls were quite happy this morning. Sarah was trying to speak when she saw me and Helen speaking. We laughed so hard seeing her attempt, it was very funny to see and hear her making those sounds. Anisah was happy but then jealous (a bit) to her sister and then happy again – well, generally that’s her behaviour for the past several weeks. We must keep on remembering to pay extra attention to her.

Umm… suddenly I can’t use the mouse…?


04 January 2001 — 05.53

Kids woke up around 2 pm, taking care and play with them a bit, and then sleep again around 4 pm. Bad move. I woke up late and dizzy, ended up coming to the office late as well; and there are still a lot of things I haven’t done (note to self: transfer Sarah’s tape recording to MP3 and send to granny).
Somebody is talking in a mailing list, saying that the God had talked to him, he’s a new prophet. Oh puh-leeeeeeeeze. What a laugh 🙂
The moderator kicked him.

Raising kids is so much work. I enjoys it very much, but then I don’t have time/just forgot other things such as relationship with the neighbors/my parent/friends, maintenance work (home/car/etc), computer research stuff, learning more about Islam, and also (most importantly) time for me and Helen together. For the last two we tried hard, but sometimes it’s just not possible
But I think once they are bigger, nursery perhaps, we will have more spare time, and thus can pursue those above.
For now though, we’ll just have to be patient – and enjoy our every moment together.


03 January 2001 — 11.08

Yesterday morning around 2 pm, we found Sarah bleeding all over her face. Apparently, she managed to pull off her glove (smart girl) and then started scratching her itchy skin (she had a rather severe case of Eczema) freely (not good).
When we found her, she cant open her eyes because her own blood was all over it. Some area on her face simply doesnt have skin anymore, you can see its flesh exposed. There was blood on her clothes, blood on her bed, blood on her hairs. The horror.
We were completely shocked, unable to say anything for a moment. What we saw breaks our heart thoroughly – seeing your own baby covered in blood, and crying in pain…
Then we instantly drive to the first hospital that came to our mind – City Hospital. We didnt dare to clean her blood, we were too scared, she is so small it seems that she is so fragile.

Unfortunately, it didnt went very well. The doctor that received us wasnt very happy (why go here instead of children hospital) and he didnt even bothered to clean her blood/sterilise her wounds. I asked him but he said clean it yourself after I returned to my home (!). Im still very angry when I think about it. What a joke, even the under-funded Indonesian hospitals are still better compared to this!
(actually in Indonesia in case like this we can always come to our family doctors home and wake him up – voila, instant treatment. hows that for a service eh!)
Granted he may not be the expert of Eczema – but for God sake; cant you see that tiny baby covered in blood, isnt that a pity sight? Is it so hard just to tell a nurse to “get betadine and some cotton” ?

This occasion makes me think really hard – if public service continues to be such a disappointment, I really cant afford to just stand and see my family suffers. Gotta find a better alternative or else.

On a happier side, Sarah is recovering, much better than our expectation. We put a strong lotion given by her GP and E45 to moisturise her skin. I cant believe what I saw when I went to work this morning, shes already laughing joyfully, her skin now started to become white and smooth again.

Office: Not much to do in the office, might wont until next week with people still in their holiday. We will see.