22 February 2001 — 16.28

I’ll start my MCSE course next week.. yipeee. Finally, some formal training, the last time I did any training was on the “Data Communication” (or something like that) course – things discussed including the use of Telix software to connect to BBS. Oh man, it’s been too long 🙂 however I never did any training that’s intended for formal certification, can’t afford it – so this is the first time in that case. It should be finished in 6 months if everything goes OK. In the same time, I’m supposed to undertake an exam for CNA certification. Well, why not CCNA and OCP and the whole lot while we’re at it ??? Certification overload 🙂

My friend put a link to a story (that I sent him) about how Nike mis-treated its workers in Indonesia in his online journal. Whenever I read stories like this, I’m grateful that I live in a MUCH better condition than them.
According to UN statistic, if you have a roof above you, have food for tomorrow – you’re better than about 70% than Earth population. I was speechless, stunned. I just didn’t realise how lucky I am. I shall try my best to cherish every moment that me and my family can enjoy together, and make other people’s life easier whenever I can.


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  1. You are right. We have to treasure the moments we have with our family and we should appreciate the things that we have. We always got to remember that not all people have given a good life that we are experiencing and not all people have a family to be called. So just be thankful and keep our feet in the ground.

    Anna Marie

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