After reading news like these, now I try to buy Fairtrade products whenever I could.

Today I bought chocolate drink from them instead of from Cadbury, and their banana instead of Del Monte’s.
I wish that there are more of their products.

If you can do it, please do buy Fairtrade products.
It may be nothing / cause you only very little inconvenience – but it makes difference to others not so fortunate.

5 thoughts on “Fairtrade

  1. Paying a token few pence extra for a cup of coffee is all very well, but it doesn’t deal with the real problems. Too much coffee is being produced. The ability to switch production is also hindered in many countries by Europe’s and America’s farming policies.

  2. You’re absolutely correct – unfortunately this is all that I can do at the moment 🙁

    Anyway, if many, not necessary all, “little people” are buying fairtrade products, that’ll become a significant help to the other little people. Even not all of us doing this will already enough to stall the current trading regime. I’ve seen Fairtrade brand becoming more prominent and more available – it has even started to become available in “value” / cheap supermarket such as ASDA. That’s quite something I think.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to achieve much, much more.

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