The Samurai -vs- The Cowboy

Very interesting…. with Japan holding a lot of US debt in its hand, it may be the samurai that will finally be able to stop the cowboy that is US government :
Japan threatens huge dollar sell-off

Another possible player are the Arab governments – if they’re brave enough to switch to Euro for their oil transaction, USA will be significantly weakened. But they’re a bunch gutless cowards at the moment, so US gov’t got nothing to worry about regarding them.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “The Samurai -vs- The Cowboy

  1. Indeed, they have tried. And the result is the first total blackout along the east coast, for a couple days — enough time to suspend the transaction and offer some “negotiations”, heh :).
    Meanwhile I’ve heard, a couple years ago, Mr Blair would start the process for Eurofication :). Where’s he now?

  2. He’s still in 10 Downing st, don’t worry mr Koen. Last time I heard they’ll hold the referendum soon, I forgot when exactly, but I think it’s sometime next year.

    But seeing Mr Blair fighting for the unification (against UKIP, economic concerns, etc) is confusing me. Especially when he’s a very pro-US guy. I think I’m missing something big here.

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