Asperger Syndrome : my story

People may not realize this, but actually I suffer from a mild case of Asperger syndrome.

People closer to me may have noticed things like :

  • Difficulty in expressing my thoughts verbally : but excellently do so in writing
  • Failures in interpreting body language : example, I kept on almost colluding with people when walking in an aisle because I fail to recognize whether they’ll be walking on left or right side
  • Failure in interpreting facial expressions : example, a lot of people has given up telling me jokes because I have a hard time figuring which ones are real and which ones are the jokes by their facial expressions…. so I ended up staring at them awkwardly when they’re expecting me to laugh like mad.. can’t blame them really 🙂
  • Obsessiveness in certain routines : I’m obsessed on doing things in the most optimized way possible – but sometimes this ended up annoying others, or taking more time to do so.
  • Ability to focus to tasks at hand intensely : I’ve been laughed by my parents because when I read a book I often fail to sense anything else. Now it’s my wife that’s annoyed with me (hi dear! 🙂 ) because whenever I’m working with computer I fail to hear her calls for help.
  • I have to learn most social skills like you learn how to ride a bicycle – it’s not something that happens naturally.
  • etc

As you can see, I fit a kid’s description of “weirdo” quite nicely, and indeed I was bullied heavily when I was a kid. I escaped from the bullies in my later years at school by isolating myself. This was quite hard (to say the least), but thankfully this also led me on discovering computer.
Once I set my eyes on one, I knew that I can use this to make things better.

Most importantly, Islam has help me tremendously in this, by making me to focus on the positive side of things. Also in helping to let go of things that is indeed beyond my ability to reach.
I still have a lot to learn, but I’m in much better condition nowadays.

If you think you have the same problem as me – take heart. You’re not alone.
Indeed you have had, and will continue to have problems – but as Erin Brokovich said: “Press on”. Solve them (if possible), and focus on things that you do best. Never stop trying to make yourself better.
I wish the best for you.

One thought on “Asperger Syndrome : my story

  1. I have a brother that has Asperger syndrome. He wasn’t bullied too much, but he too discovered the power of the computer. Thanks for this inspiring post.

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