Abnormal Mailserver

I’ve had problems with proprietary mailservers where they put strange characters in the email address. Example: poor_guy/PITA/INDOFOOD@indofood.co.id

Mailman refused that email address straight away.
Not my loss 🙂

However, sometimes there’ll be (l)users complaining that it’s our mailserver that’s malfunctioning, and won’t accept anyone telling otherwise.

btw – Lotus Notes can put REALLY weird email addresses as well, but it seems to be configurable.
Example, internally, my email address is seriously doesn’t conform to Internet standard – it shows my position in the company’s hierarchy. But externally, it’s been configured so it’s accessible as my.name@mycompany.com – not too bad.

To proprietary mailserver users – demand that your vendor / sysadmin to fix it, or enjoy the problems.

4 thoughts on “Abnormal Mailserver

  1. Well, saya juga heran dg format email seperti ini. Ada lagi format seperti imceaex-_o=eg+26g_ou=optobt-ex_cn=recipients_cn=username@domain.com. Biasanya dari domain perkinelmer.com atau ptcpi.com.

    Apa ya nggak bisa pakai format yang lebih simpel?

  2. Ceritanya sih supaya hirarkis & terstruktur 🙂 walhasil naming style ala X.500 / LDAP / dll di adaptasi menjadi username untuk email.

  3. ketika eksis dengan internet publik harusnya smtp tersebut conform dong dengan standar dan protokol

    sepertinya itu mailserver netware yang nggak beres konfigurasinya

  4. hirarkis dan terstruktur bagi adminnya, tapi buat yang mau mengirim email itu adalah siksaan 🙂 siapa yang mau menghafal alamat email sepanjang itu? dicetak di kartu nama saja gak bisa 🙂 hehe

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