Aceh disaster information

In the last few days, I was still in shock over the tsunami & quake disaster that hit Aceh. Personally I’ve lost contact with a few friends, and we don’t really expect to hear from them again. Then I looked around, and try to think of what I can do about this.

Being so far away, the easiest thing is to donate money. Since I’m a UK taxpayer, I can make my donations goes further by claiming Gift Aid – which will make the UK gov add 28% from my donation to it.

Looking around, I also see there’s something I can do with my computer. Many existing websites on Aceh Disaster are not easily updated, and only its webmasters can do that. Also I couldn’t find any of them offering information in English – which is vital if we want to keep the world informed about it and thus able to donate/help the victim. Or to help inform English-speakers who happen to have friends/relatives in Aceh.

So I created, as a complement to other websites that already exist out there.
I based the website on phpWiki, so anyone can put in bits information that they have into it. Also I’ve started providing an English section on it.

I do realise that the most help can be done by being out there on Aceh itself, but being so far away, there’s only so much that I can do. So I’m not expecting much from all of this, even if it can help 1 person then it’s already worth my time.

Let us do all that we could to help the people of Aceh.

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