RoyalMail sucks

Last year RoyalMail boasted that they now, after privatisation, able to make close to 1 million poundsterling per day; in contrast to losing 1 million per day before privatisation.

But at what cost ? Service already suffers – many Post offices (PO) has been closed down, and customers in remote areas suffers the most, where POs are enabling them to enjoy various services – taking their pensions, sending letters to loved ones, taking their benefits, etc.

And it has been sometime that RoyalMail’s staff suffers as well. There has been industrial action taken.
And even our Indonesian community suffers too – a few friends has been slaving themselves away on Christmas to get some money. They’ve been working for weeks now, sometimes even all night long. Now, some are ready to leave the country after finishing their study here.

However, RoyalMail is still YET to pay their wages.

I’ve said before that privatisation is not the magic solution to all problems, as implied by the corporate-loving Labours, and RoyalMail is just another proof of it. If the management sucks, you replace them, and threaten the new ones not to make the same mistake – not privatise the company instead. Doh.

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