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Well, the more precise term might be “blog aggregator”, since I’m talking about [ Bloglines ], but since I rarely read news on the traditional news media and have considered blog / online media as my main news source- there you go.

I’m very happy that I have easier access now to even more interesting news sources, thanks to the explosion of blogging scene. Bloglines is helping me to access those separate news sources into a single place.
One annoyance though – Bloglines keep grouping the news by the source. It’s not able to show the news from the newest first regardless of its source, or maybe I haven’t found the switch for it. If anyone has found out how to accomplish this / other site which can do this, kindly please let me know. Thanks!

I found so many interesting news from those, here’s a few of it, and then some :

  • [ MetaVNC ] – while other VNC transmit the whole screen, MetaVNC is able to transmit just parts of it; a window for example, transparently to your current desktop. So you can be working on Windows, but have Konqueror window opened on it – which is actually accessed remotely via MetaVNC. Way cool.
  • [ ] – the easiest way to find the hottest deals on; it’s not uncommon to find items discounted up to 90% here ! If you live in USA – you lucky bastard 🙂
  • UltarVNC’s [ NAT2NAT ] project : NAT2NAT enables you to connect client to server where BOTH of them are behind NAT, with no need to do any portforwarding. I’ve been looking for this kind of stuff for a while now, cool. The UltraVNC team seems to be quite good, with other creative projects such as [ UltraVNC Repeater ] etc.
  • If only [ this guy ] provide RSS feed of his website, I’ll subscribe in an instant. He rarely write, but when he do, it’ll be either very clever, or very funny, And definitely very interesting.
  • [ The Zen of Freelancing ] – if you’re a freelancer / IT consultant, you must read this. It can make your life much enjoyable. Thanks to [ Kemas ] for the link.

7 thoughts on “News Aggregator

  1. jadi maksudnya, misalkan ada grup terdiri dari 10 source, maka pingin melihat berita terbaru dari grup tersebut (bukan per source feed)? Kalau hal ini, aku malah melihat fitur di, tapi malah ndak suka. Masih lebih suka tampilan default bloglines saat ini;-) btw, saya export blogroll dari bloglines ke Rojo, ndak masalah

  2. Wah, saya kelihatannya cocok dengan nih 🙂
    Trims, saya barusan export subscriptions saya ke rojo.

  3. Pak Harry, memang betul saya yang di Birmingham. Saya pindah akhir February lalu. Salam hangat buat keluarga.

  4. I think the solution you are looking for is to group your new sources into a single folder. When you click on that folder (vs each subscription) Bloglines will show the newest news first regardless of its source.

  5. #3 – Trims, saya sudah sampaikan. Semoga baik-baik selalu mbak. Kalau kita kebetulan ke S’pore mudah2an boleh mampir.

    #4 – Robyn: my brain must be on vacation today. I just visited Bloglines, made a new folder, clicked on it – and Bloglines still show the postings grouped by the source – not by date. Can you please enlighten me a bit more. Many thanks.

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