Tech Update – June 2005

I haven’t visited [ Tom’s Hardware ] for quite a while now. Used to be part of my daily routine, since nearly the beginning of its service. Today I thought I’ll give it a quick peek. My, it’s still as excellent as I remember it.

A few goodies :

  • [ USB VGA adapter ] – very cool, and potentially very useful. Definitely very interesting !
  • Last year I thought that both Intel & AMD has hit the physical limitations, so it seems that they won’t be releasing any revolutionarily faster CPU for quite a while. I decided to ignore the scene, and focuses my concentration somewhere else. Looks like I was correct.
  • [ Wireless Camera ] can be a good solution for many problems, including security monitoring. It can be placed almost everywhere, it can record just when there’s motion in the room (saving hard disk space), etc. The one reviewed by TH is pretty expensive, but I’m sure there would be alternatives to it.
  • Shocking – [ Pentium M – the new Celeron 333A ? ] – Celeron 333A was famous for its excellent quality, enabling it to be overclocked even at more than 50% of its original speed. It seems that Pentium M, based on PIII architecture, has the same qualities. The reason is even more interesting – looks like PIII’s architecture is superior to Pentium IV. PIII hit thermal problems however, and then replaced by PIV. But now Intel has found the solution, it used PIII as the basis for Pentium M. [ And the result is quite amazing ]. Pentium M will be definitely in my shopping list next time.
  • [ HyperThreaded CPU actually performs better than dual CPU ] – see point number 3.
  • Ever wonder what happens in a Data Recovery Lab ? [ Wonder no more ].
  • [ 100 GB, 5400 rpm hard diskfor laptop (2.5 inch) ] – not much performance difference with the 7200rpm ones, so it gives better value.
  • The biggest reason to do regular hard disk defrag – [ To give better chance of data recovery ] in case of hard disk failure.

3 thoughts on “Tech Update – June 2005

  1. I Beg to point out that despite the known advantages of defragmentation, there are disadvantages; one of which is that the process, if carried out too frequently, can cause “bad sectors” or even head damage. please visit

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