Oldies part #2

Melanjutkan bagian pertama, kali ini mengutip sebuah artikel dari PC Computing, tertanggal 1995. Berjudul “PC Computing’s Guide to the Best of the Net”, artikel ini dipublikasikan pada saat awal Internet mulai memasyarakat (well, at least di Amerika; di Indonesia masih belum begitu dikenal).

Feel like you’ve been cybersurfing the same wave for months? Does your bookmark list contain so many circular references that you’re getting dizzy? You’re not alone. Most people stumble onto interesting sites by accident. What you really need is a guide that takes you right to the good stuff, and that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Our editors spent weeks combing the Web (belum ada Google 😛 ) to find the 1,001 hottest, most informative sites, and grouped them into more than 100 popular-interest categories for easy reference. From art and literature to sports and travel, all the best Web addresses are here. To get you started, we’ve listed our favorite points of interest. We think these sites are a great sampling of all the Web has to offer. Once you’ve whetted your appetite with these, you’ll have to dive into the rest.

Top Pick: Ultimate Winsock

Make full use of the Net with this superb archive of Internet software for Windows users. You’ll be surprised by what you can find.


(apa itu Winsock .. ? 🙂 )

Top Pick: CNN Interactive

Get the latest news, plus links to CNN’s home page. Use the Webspace search engine to forage through CNN’s database for news items that interest you.


Lihat domain name-nya. 😀

Conner Peripherals www.conner.com

Ada yang masih ingat perusahaan pembuat hard disk ini ?

All-in-One Search Page www.albany.net/~wcross/all1srch.html
CUSI Search Engine pubweb.nexor.co.ukpublic/cusi/cusi.html
Harvest harvest.cs.colorado.edu
Lycos Home Page lycos.cs.cmu.edu/

Pada saat itu masih banyak search engine yang bahkan tidak punya domain name sendiri…

Internet Pizza Server www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~pizza/


update: situsnya MASIH ada !

Bosnia Home Page www.cco.caltech.edu/~bosnia/bosnia.html
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan iconnect.com/jordan/

Zaman dahulu, bahkan situs sebuah negara pun nebeng di situs lainnya… ck, ck.

Hong Kong Home Page www.hongkong.org

Mungkin belum ada TLD .gov ya ? 😀

Talk to My Cat queer.slip.cs.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/talktocat


Beverly Hills, 90210 www.prairienet.org/~rogue/homepage.html


Brad Pitt Home Page xwww4.ncsu.edu/eos/users/c/cajohnso/www/brad.html
Frank Sinatra Web Page www.io.org/~buff/sinatra.html
Madonna Home Page www.mit.edu:8001/people/jwb/Madonna.html


5 thoughts on “Oldies part #2

  1. aduh thn 95 blum nyoba internet, baru denger gosip doang :))
    tapi itu coner sd thn 99 masih ada, kasus terakhir 5 pc yg saya beli menggunakan hd conner ini, semuanya harus di balikin lagi karena hdnya crash !!


  2. he he he senang sekali bisa menemukan dokumen lama , jadi mau bilang kalao di google apa sih yg gak bisa di ketemukan … 😛

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