Windows Genuine Advantage

Chance is, you’ve encountered this when you’re trying to download certain files from Microsoft’s website. Personally, I’ve been avoiding files which requires me to go through it. However, today I was no longer able to evade it.

I was having problems with MDAC and need to find out its exact version. A tool called Component Checker will do this for me.
When I clicked on its download link, it asked me to go through “Windows Genuine Advantage” to verify that I’m using legit version of Windows, not some pirated copy. *Sigh* so I loaded up Internet Explorer (hi! long time no see) and clicked on the continue button.

It demanded that I downloaded a 400KB tool and run it. It may seem nothing to you with 1 Mbps pipe at your home, but here I am in Indonesia, where Internet access can be more expensive than gold – and it still sucks. So downloading 400KB is pretty painful, especially at PEAK hours.

After very long wait, it gave me a code to put back in the browser. So I put it in, and clicked on VALIDATE button.
After long wait – oops, it seems that Internet Explorer in my laptop is too old and can’t run the required ActiveX control. (guess why? because I’ve no longer use it ! so didn’t feel the need to update it)

So it now asked me to download yet another tool, to verify that I’m not pirating their precious copy of Windows. I’m starting to get angry (hey, I paid loads of money for this copy of Windows), but do I have a choice ?
So I clicked on the link.

After a very long wait (again!), “Genuine WIndows Hypertext Application” (whatever that means) showed up. Hurray ?
Not yet, it’s now scanning my laptop for God knows what. Here’s me (honest Microsoft customer) waiting again, while the pirates probably are laughing all over the world.

After waiting, and waiting……. finally it’s done its job. It says “Please click Continue to complete the validation process”.
So I clicked on that button.

What’s happen now? Yep, another delay, while it loads *tadaaa* Firefox.
Argh… thought Microsoft wants IE to dominate the world? Must be wrong.

But hey, Firefox loaded up the download page for Component Checker. Hurray !

So I clicked on the link, and after waiting for the 413KB download to finish, I finally got what I needed.

“Windows Genuine Advantage” eh?
Uh huh… when I bought my next laptop, I’ll make sure it came with Debian Sarge loaded. Do you hear me Dell ? HP ? Toshiba ?

4 thoughts on “Windows Genuine Advantage

  1. same here. i’ve been avoiding that same sh*t for 3 weeks now. i feel like a renegade being pursued by the borg… bah

  2. This is really giving it to me. I thought that I got rid of a bad virus and now I keep geting this thing about activex and I too have been through the mill while waiting fo this hypertext application to happen,, still waiting.

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