Best SATA hard disk ?

It seems that it’d be Western Digital WD4000YR. Check this out : 400 GB capacity, 16MB buffer, uses WD’s Raptor technology heavily, beats pretty much all other SATA hard disk in various benchmark, and so on.

A bit of history; I bought 2 WD Caviar SE 120 GB, the ones with the (then) phenomenal 8 MB buffer, making it the (then) fastest ATA hard disk. Unfortunately, they seems to be not very reliable, with both already dead.
Reading the review above, it seems that WD has fixed this issue.

It seems to be THE hard disk to buy if you’re a power user.
Do you agree ? Let me know.

16 thoughts on “Best SATA hard disk ?

  1. WDC comes with 5 years warranty in Singapore and USA, and I hope also worldwide. How about Indonesia? Do you exchange yours?

  2. Which is better? Using many smaller capacity drives in RAID(+LVM), or just one gigantic capacity drive?
    Then again, the definitions of “small” and “gigantic” shift quickly.

  3. #3: what i don’t like about RAID: by the time you need to replace a disk, you will need to replace it with one with several times the capacity of the old disk, and left a huge part of the new disk unused.

  4. #1 – unfortunately, I bought those drives in UK, and now I live in Indonesia. So returning those drives back are (pretty much) impossible / is not something feasible to do.

    #2 – if it’s one big drive versus RAID 0, then the better one is to stripe it / RAID 0. But since this decreases MTBF significantly (increasing chance of disk failure), then you’ll need to have a reliable backup/restore procedure.

    btw; LVM is very cool, got the chance to use it in FC3; very useful and convenient when I needed to change the hard drive with bigger one. This is one feature that makes Linux move even closer to being an “enterprise-level” operating system.
    Hopefully it’ll become the default in more Linux distros.

  5. While working on my HP Pavillion 734n last night, my screen suddenly went blank, and the PC appeared to lose all power.

    I unplugged the unit and tried to restart it.
    However, when I pushed the button to restart it, the yellow light on the front of the unit stays on for approx 10 seconds, then goes off. The fan appears to be running, but the hard drive doesn’t seem to be kicking in!

    Could the hard drive have ‘crashed’ while I was in the middle of working in it?
    The computer is about 3 years old and hasnt been moved or exposed to any change in conditions, nor have I changed any sytems / programs, etc. In fact, I had no indication that anything was wrong until it suddenly ‘died’.

    Any advice on what I can do to try and re-boot it or save the hard drive ?

    Stupid me has all of the kids summer photos on the hard drive that hadn’t bene backed up yet !!!

    Thanks in advance !

  6. Hi Bob,
    Try these:
    1. Buy a new hard drive, and install Windows on it
    2. Plug the died hard disk into the computer
    3. Install data recovery software such as the one from OnTrack, or others.
    Reason being, sometime a dead hard disk is not really thoroughly destroyed. Part of it is still accessible.
    Software such as the one I mentioned above ***usually*** is able to access the good bit of that died hard disk, and recover some of your data. Which is still way better than losing all of it.
    Hope it helps.

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  8. I’m wondering what everyone here recommends now as the best SATA HD? I’ve been seeing tons and tons of Seagates coming in and was looking to see what everyone currently recommends for our customers.

  9. i think the best SATA hard disk today is Western Digital Drive VelociRaptor WD3000HLFS. its spindle speed is 10,000 rpm, 35% faster than the previous generation of WD Raptor.

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