The best deals on dedicated servers

Note that this is not spam. This is simply the BEST deal on dedicated servers I ever found. now offers several dedicated servers packages, and I’m sure many would find the first one very attractive for several reasons:

1. It’s already fully loaded; webserver/database/DNS server/etc, already setup and running.
2. Very easy to use: you control everything listed above via a Control Panel
3. Flexible; you can also request root access should you need it. However, this will make the server to become unmanaged, because otherwise, 123-reg’s staff will take care of the server’s maintenance (updates / upgrades / patching / etc). This brings us to the next point:
4. Managed dedicated server at only 39.99 poundsterling per month is simply unheard of. If you need such kind of service, this is the best of such deal.
5. True unmetered bandwidth; where others said so but in reality have artificial limits and WILL kick you out if you use too much of their (unmetered) bandwidth, 123-reg is able to truly offer it because of their partnership with PIPEX. Also,
6. True unmetered bandwidth at only 39.99 poundsterling per month is simply unheard of. So if you need such service, you can’t go wrong with them.

I’m currently is weighing on whether to move from my current hoster to 123-reg. I don’t need the unmanaged service, in fact I’d rather have full control of the server, so I can learn the nitty-gritty details of maintaining a live server on the Internet.
However, the unmetered bandwidth is VERY tempting.

I’d probably ended up ordering one …

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  1. well done, thanks for the info. in that case, I think I’ll keep the stellar customer service from 🙂

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