Diskusi tentang pornografi di Slashdot

Ternyata, di Slahsdot, dimana mayoritas komunitasnya pro-pornografi, justru kita bisa menemukan berbagai komentar yang mencerahkan mengenai hal ini.

Contoh; fakta bahwa manusia yang kita sebut sebagai “anak-anak”, sebetulnya telah dewasa secara fisik:

Young men are reaching sexual maturity before they’re reaching mental maturity. … Oftentimes young parents without the resources or attitude to raise a child give birth and this subsequently results (usually) in an imperfect forced marriage or a child whose parents are not married. In either case, much more stress is placed on the developing youngster than the child needs and this can often lead down the road to delinquency or misbehavior.

Walaupun kesimpulannya berbeda dengan saya – solusinya bukan dengan pornografi, tetapi:
1. Orang tua harus lebih mampu mendidik anak-anaknya. The buck stops at them.
2. Yang paling penting – bagaimana agar anak-anak kita bisa dewasa mentalnya bersamaan / sebelum fisiknya. Tidak seperti sekarang, sudah terlalu sering saya bertemu dengan orang-orang berumur 40 tahun atau lebih, namun kelakuannya masih seperti anak kecil !

Pornografi itu destruktif bagi kebanyakan orang, kesimpulan seorang poster. Dikutip:

However its alot easier to say porn or drugs are the problem, than it is to tell a person how to fill in the emptiness in their lives… thats something a person has to find for themselves.

Every person has needs, wants, and desires that will always need filling. It’s the very floorboards of economics. The question comes down to “How does one fill that hole in their soul?” Hopefully they’ll do it constructively, but the destructive ones tend to be a lot more fun at first, ergo vastly more popular. By the time the negative effects come around, the person may be too far gone to realize it.

The real trick is to learn to understand that we’re creatures of infinite desire, and to begin to think rationally about how to cope with that in a way that won’t destroy us. Many major religions try to fill an infinite hole with an infinite God (at least the ones that profess a god or gods). The ones that don’t profess (a) god(s) try to teach you how to suppress or channel your desire.

Selanjutnya juga kita bisa temukan kisah seseorang yang menjadi korban pornografi – padahal cuma sekedar “penikmat” :

This is not to say that porn itself is responsible for this behavior; as someone commented earlier, porn is just a particularly easy (if destructive) way of filling a gap that sensible folks learn to fill constructively. I alone am responsible for my behavior over the last several years, and the most frustrating thing about it is that it seems so pointless and ridiculous in retrospect. However, to a kid like I was—one to whom simple human interaction and empathy came late and only with much effort, and someone whose sexuality only began to resolve itself quite late (I’m gay)—pornography offered a welcome (though dangerous) release from the huge effort of social contact. It didn’t matter that it inevitably left me feeling dead inside.

Now, it’s a pattern I’m having a hell of a time unlearning; every time something unpleasant happens, my first response is porn, which only makes things worse. In fact, I almost dropped out of school because of it a few years ago. To me, at least, porn has been a trap, which has separated me from reality, and stunted my growth as a sexual and emotional being (I still have yet to be in a real relationship of any kind). I don’t like myself, and that’s sad, because I’m smart and talented and capable of better than this. On more than one occasion, I’ve taken out this frustration with myself on the people that I care about. I wish I hadn’t.

Banyak orang kini bisa kita lihat mengalami kesulitan dalam hubungannya dengan pasangannya. Apakah banyak dari kasus t\ersebut terkait dengan pornografi, saya tidak tahu. Tapi, ini penyebabnya pada kasus diatas, dan saya kira ini bisa menjadi topik disertasi S2 atau S3 yang menarik.

Dan kutipan terakhir ini menyimpulkan apakah pornografi itu secara cukup tepat:

Porn is a trap – it feeds the pleasure centers of the brain, devalues the humanity of the person being used for that pleasure, and damages people’s ability to relate to one another in a healthy way. Real relationships are not self-focused, but must have a significant component of other-focus or they don’t survive.

Mudah-mudahan posting ini bisa menjadi satu kontribusi rasional di tengah-tengah debat kusir emosional mengenai RUU APP.

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  1. Kalau tidak keberatan, saya minta software ngeblok situs pornografi.Terima kasih atas perhatiannya.

  2. i think sex is not taboo if we warianta learn it good. sex warianta is better to enjoy.

  3. I’m agree with with you. Postingan yang menarik. Segala sesuatunya memang berawal dari lingkungan keluarga kemudian pergaulan. Namun efek negative dari pergaulan bisa teratasi jika di dalam lingkungan keluarga bagus.

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