Itegno 3000 and Fedora Core 3

We bought Itegno 3000 last week and plugged it into a Fedora Core 3. To our surprise, it’s detected by FC3 straight away, and accessible via /dev/ttyUSB0

Then we’re able to set the internet access via Applications – System Settings – Network. We’re now able to share the internet connection to a few users more reliably.

Very nice. Kudos to Itegno for opening itself up to open-source developers.

And thanks also goes to Fajar for his information, which led to the purchase of this great device. We bought it from Data Sari Citra, which allowed us to test it for a week, again very nice. Just ask for Mr. Sudiro (marketing).

One thought on “Itegno 3000 and Fedora Core 3

  1. Waah, modem cdma zte gw sampai sekarang gak bisa jalan pake linux :((

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