The curse of my praise

Just a few days ago, I moved the mailboxes of a client to Dreamhost while praising them for their technical support (they act very quickly and knows what they’re doing). For good measure, I also told my client how big Dreamhost is, and that they should be able to provide us with a very reliable email service.
I said that because email is vital to this client, since almost 100% of their businesses are done via email.

Then Dreamhost experienced what might be among the worst incident they’ve ever had in their history. Ouch.

Beginning since 15 July 2006, only now (18 July 2006) their services have started to be running again.
My client was already breathing very heavily just behind my neck, with all intent to kill me very soon; which he cancelled when suddenly we got our email back. Phew.

Then I remembered many years back, when I was still a junior staff at Takaful Indonesia. I just managed to secure the domain, then hosted it with my friend at
After a while, I said thanks for their service and I’m sure our website would be very secure in their hands. My friend was humble and realistic enough to politely said that (in summary) there’s no such thing as 100% secure server on Internet.

A few days later, Indoglobal got hacked pretty bad.

I’ve learned my lesson – from now on, I’ll stop praising my webhosters, and just enjoy their exceedingly good service for me šŸ˜€

Note that the incident re: indglobal happened years ago. I know that they’re much better now in regard to security; but I’ve promised not to praise my webhoster any more, so I’ll stop right here šŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “The curse of my praise

  1. wakak.. jadi gak boleh bilang “blablablahost sux” ?? :mrgreen:

  2. the only occassion that we were ‘hacked pretty bad’ was in 1998 if i recall correctly. that was caused by our datacenter were still using hubs instead of switches, so that intruder would be able sniff all sort of communication on the network. and worse, the subnet were shared with their own desktops, on public ip!

  3. Pengalaman adalah guru yang kejam, tapi selalu berhasil (dengan catatan kita mengambil pelajaran dari sana).

  4. Some years ago, you suggested me to use Gegar’s webhosting service. Well, then, to say it politely, I would not suggest it to anybody.

  5. hiks…orang endonesa memang masih blom tahan pujian kok!
    habisnya ujian aja banyak yang gak lulus *saalh pokus (pake f)

  6. Funny things did happen. For anything that I praissed to much(well over to much), it’s falls. May be somebody should put it under EULA; “Don’t Praise!”

  7. hehe.. now i know the deadliest weapon on web hosting industry.. a praise xD

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