Indonesian Bloggers Condemns Israel

I just posted a simple script on the sidebar of this blog to support Indonesian Blogger’s movement to condemn Israel. Instructions to join are available here.

In short, Israel is the root of the problems in Middle East.
First, it took over other people’s land, so it can create the country of Israel. Second, it has now employed policies so racist, it has became the Nazi of middle east. And so on.

There are propaganda campaigns going on all over the Internet that says the points above are wrong. But when you check with unbiased sources, you will find out that they are correct.

We have been invaded as well (Dutch & Japan), so we know that the ordeal of the Palestinians and others around Israel are worse. Back at that time, our freedom fighters too were branded as terrorists. Guess who ended up unmasked as the real terrorist ?

My heart goes to the victims of Israel’s atrocities.

To other Indonesian bloggers – you can do something. You are not helpless.

4 thoughts on “Indonesian Bloggers Condemns Israel

  1. you should really do research before you post things. You are ignorant and should watch what you say. Pray for Peace.

  2. peace – thanks for the accusation of being ignorant. However, I’ve been on discussions with many Israelis in various Israeli forums (yes, I actually checked with your side), and most of their arguments are based on lies / bent facts, and failed to prove their points.

    Therefore, I still uphold my opinion that Israel is the root of the problem here.

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