PayPal “Buy Now” problems

Just setup PayPal “Buy Now” buttons in an eCommerce website. In short, with this facility, people can pay even without becoming a PayPal member. Very convenient indeed.

First I created one “Buy Now” button, and tested it. It worked very well.
So I created several more.

Then the problems started.

I got all sort of errors, including “Message 3104”. Basically, all the error messages asked me to login with existing PayPal account. Which pretty much defeats the purpose.

Googling around, all suggestions are about lowering security settings, allow cookies, and so on. Tried them, and still the same problem occured.

After hours of messing around, finally I found the culprit – instead of one <form> tag for EACH button, there was only one of it for ALL buttons.
No wonder PayPal got so confused with it.

I put one <form> tag for each button, and tried again – voila, I can pay for the goods just with my credit card now.

Hope it helps someone out there.

45 thoughts on “PayPal “Buy Now” problems

  1. wah.. beneran nih pak? bisa kah?
    ingin segera mencoba…

  2. I use the standard Paypal Buy Now button because it is simple and I am not a programmer. I did the integration myself and had made numerous changes (pricing) wihout any trouble – until lately, when the system would not adjust the shipping charges for more than 1 unit ordered. I have had no luck from Paypal people and I am now forced to up my unit cost to make up for the additional shipping cost. I wonder if you can help.


    I would just like to say thank soooooooooooooooooooooo
    much for posting this. It worked perfectly for me!


  4. @Chrissie – you’re very welcome 🙂 thanks for letting me know that you’ve benefitted from this post.

  5. Well, paypaldev is good option. Usually problem occurs when i use encrypted links. It is pain really when a customer want to buy and cant go through. Usually i use email links to avoid issue. You can also provide additional payment option.

  6. i use “downloadguard” for all my sales which also makes it very easy to integrate paypal buttons. Dont need to even log in to paypal anymore..just grab the link from downloadguard.


  7. sebenarnya selama sy make paypa ga pernah tenang mas.. hampir tiap dua bulan sekali account saya kena llimit,bosen banget. sebenarnya ada ga cara supaya account paypal ga gampang kena limit? saya tunggu jawabannya ya mas.
    Thanks dan salam kenal juga

  8. Accepting cards by paypal is always a little risky, there is always going to be a less professional feel than if you have your own checkout process and payment gateway. Also, I have noticed if someone has had a paypal account suspended (which seems to be happening more and more often) they are not able to use the paypal checkout system as it recognises them from other details/their registered card from the suspended/banned/on hold account.

  9. paypal guard make me feel so mad. lol.but,well paypal the one best online card that everyone have.

  10. Paypal is fine and a very secure system in my opinion. As someone who is an internet savvy, if I do not trust a website seller and they offer payapal I would definately use it as long as the transaction is less than £500. It depends as well with the type of service being offered ie for Freelancers and for a professional retailer no no but for a wholesaler it can be a yes. So Paypal will overally be best suited to othert type of business and not others.

  11. I’ve been checking out this blog it’s been really helpful. I was not understanding what I was doing. But your blog helped me a lot. Thank you very much and all the best in future.

  12. I think the buttons are now fixed. But I still don’t like the fact that they rolled out a button that didn’t work. Shame on you paypal.

  13. In my opinion paypal is fine and a very secure system.Paypal makes life so much easier and comfortable.

  14. Sorry – your last action could not be completed error when i try and submit payment with Paypal. This happens whether i m trying to buy a stuffed animal on the world famous auction site Ebay or a set of flowers from the local mom and pop online flower store. disgusting ……… Paypal will have to resolve this.!

  15. paypal is trouble for some of people in internet. we need something like paypal but popular in internet.

  16. I am glad it worked out for you. I have been using PayPal a lot and have not had any problems, but then it is really good to read about this things to understand how to solve some problems.

  17. Thank very much for sharing with us. Very nice post, I have been using paypal for a while with no problems but is good more experiences. Thanks!

  18. pretty good post. I just bookmarked your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I agree with most of the questions that you have said and I’m waiting for new posts.Thanks for Posting.

  19. Hei Penulis Hebat! Saya pikir itu pos ada beberapa lama akrab serahkan, tapi serius kompensasi atas waktu saya. Saya akan menghargai itu. Terima kasih.

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