Jakarta Bloggers goes International

If you’re a blogger, or wish to be, and live in Jakarta; Metroblogging.com would like to have you on-board.

Metroblogging is a unique website where bloggers there are blogging about their own city. I think this is an excellent opportunity to introduce Jakarta (and Indonesia) from our own perspectives.

If you’re interested, [ just click here to apply ].

Here’s the email from Sean :

From: Sean Bonner
To: Harry
Subject: Re: MetBlogs Author Application – Jakarta

Thanks for getting in touch about writing for Metroblogging. We’d love for you to write for us!

Sorry for this form-lettery sounding note but there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve got to tell you so here goes:

At this point, all of our writers are volunteer. While some aspects of that might change down the line, currently we can’t offer to pay anyone for blogging. Hopefully this gets a lot of people a lot of exposure and gets your stuff in front of people it wouldn’t have been otherwise and all that.

The general agreement is this – you own everything you write and can stop writing at any point, but by writing it for our site you grant us permission to use it and keep a copy even if you leave – You own your name, we own the company and site names. You are responsible for your own words. Pretty basic. By replying to this e-mail you agree to those terms.

We’re also counting on you to post several times a week as you said you could in the application. If you don’t think you can actually do that please let us know right away. We’ll be kind of bummed if we set you up and then you don’t keep posting.

I need to know what e-mail address you want to use as your contact, this will be for internal mailings and such.

You are also going to need a short bio for the site, this is where you can brag about anything else you are working on or link to your own blog, or anything at all. When your account it set up you’ll be able to add this at that point, so it might be a good idea to get something ready.

Thanks. Once I hear back from you we’ll be added to the mailings lists right away, but it will take a few days to get you access to the site.

Again, if you have any questions, let me know, and thanks again for being involved, I think this is going to turn out very cool. Thanks!


Top 10 Trang web ?ánh lô ?? online uy tín nh?t 2023


PS – The cities that are not active yet (both those listed and unlisted) will be made active in order of what fills up first.
We are trying to get 10 bloggers per city to give things a good perspective,
so please feel free to pass this on to other people in your town
because the sooner we get to 10, the sooner we launch the city.

13 thoughts on “Jakarta Bloggers goes International

  1. I’ve applied but the form didn’t confirm if it has been submitted or not.

    I really want to join! 🙁

  2. rendy – you can suggest a new city. Especially when you have 10 bloggers backing up the suggestion, then Bandung may show up before Jakarta !
    ollie – strange, I didn’t have problem before and the form confirmed my submission. Please try again, and if it still fails, let me know. I’ll tell Sean about it. Thanks.

  3. Harry, I’ve tried it again and the form still un-confirmed. Is it because I use Firefox? :D~

    Please tell Sean. Coz I’m so excited!

  4. Harry, I still have the problem. And now I can’t comment you either. What’s wrong with me…

  5. Oops… you comment was mistakenly marked as spam by Akismet; ok I’ve recovered your comment now.
    OK I just tried it again myself; to my surprise, it seems that they’ve just revamped their website. It looked totally different when I last visited it. This may cause the form to be broken.
    I’ve contacted Sean about it and when it’s working again, I’ll let you know. Cheers.
    btw; nice website you’ve got there (kutukutubuku.com)

  6. Thanks harry, please contact me via email okay? 🙂

    Thanks, Kutukutubuku is my half 😀

    And you also have a nice blog here, by the way.

  7. Err I don’t really get it. Are we ought to write everything about the city? What if it is written occassionally (about the city)? Is it ok (since it’s my personal blog)?

  8. devi – after looking around metblogs.com, it seems that it doesn’t have to 100% about the city. Events and YOUR own experiences in the city is also ok. So it’s quite easy I guess. Cheers!

  9. There is nothing interesting about Jakarta as far as city development in concerned (unless one is interested in how a city of 12 million is degrading daily at an astonishing rate). Poor sewer and traffic system, failed infrastructure.

    PS: Jakarta is just a massive dumpster but yes I am interested to hear how proud youngsters are about the malls and clubs (they don’t realize how backward everything underneath those things really are, i.e. rats, clogged drains, pollution substances).

  10. Masindi – you forgot the people. Day by day, I kept on bumping on more great people here. And I thought they’d be all in Bandung or somewhere else 🙂
    And the food…. probably because I was abroad for a long time; I felt like I’ve arived in heaven, heh.
    And the opportunities – so much to do, so little time. Just managed to secure VC financing for one of my project too. I wouldn’t go anywhere else at the moment.

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