Spam Karma 2

I just realized that Akismet marked 4 legitimate comments, today, as spam. That’s too much false positive for one day, no way I’m gonna wade through 24000+ spam to find out the other false positives.
So I installed Spam Karma 2 instead.

So far, looks like this is one quality WP plugin. I just unzipped in plugins directory, activate it, and it works straight away. Most will find no need to change the default settings, it’s already good enough.

Kudos to Dr. Dave for the excellent work. Also thanks to Eko for introducing me to SK2.

5 thoughts on “Spam Karma 2

  1. I started using Spam Karma 2 along time ago. The reason? Akismet gave me too much false positive. I wonder why many blogging/social platform uses it… I mean, SK2 is better in many ways!

  2. I use SK2, but sometime SK2 catch wrong spam, but when I check the log, it is because the previous spam come from the same address.

    I don’t know if one of my commentator is spam to with different id 😛

  3. Thanks Dave. yes, sk2 is a great plugin.
    Akismet present error in judgment sometimes.

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