Blogger Indonesia of the Week

I feel very honored when found out that I’ve been chosen as the Indonesian Blogger of the Week by Fatih. Personaly though I don’t think I deserve it. As I found more and more Indonesian blogs, I realized that there are many bloggers who are better than me. Here’s an example. So many others, so much better. I’m glad that the Indonesian blogosphere is growing rapidly, and there are so many interesting things we can find there.
Nonetheless, thanks again Mas Fatih.

ps: the article linked to my old website for my profile, and I just realized that I haven’t setup any page on this blog, not even an “about” page. My bad. As the consequence, if you clicked on that old “about me” page in that article, you’ll see the slim me 🙂 I’ve gained, err… some weight after those photos were taken. Heh.
Okay, one “about” page coming soon.

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