Why XHTML ? Why the pain ?!

Why indeed. From a writer’s point of view, XHTML is a pain, because it’s stricter than HTML. And a few (or many, depending on whether it’s XHTML Transitional or Strict) rules changed too.
All these for what ?

Even the crowd in Slashdot seems to be having problems getting a clear answer to this.

However, XHTML actually does have a huge benefit (in addition to other benefits listed in the discussion above) — it makes your website viewable on mobile devices.

PDA and smartphones nowadays are no longer a rarity. From teenagers to corporate executives, they’re now have and use them on daily basis. And browse the Internet with them.

And only more of them will browse the Internet from their mobile phones.
Even here in Indonesia, I can browse the internet freely using my Nokia 9500 with flat monthly fee of just about US$ 25. And I do browse a lot from my mobile phone

You definitely don’t want to alienate these people.

Adhering to XHTML makes it easy to make your website viewable from mobile devices; actually, pretty much from any browsers. You can even change the whole layout completely in a snap, literally.

So many websites nowadays are not getting traffic from us, mobile Internet users. Their websites are beautiful in Internet Explorer, but shows utter crap or plain nothing on our smartphones.
Don’t let your website to be one of those too !

6 thoughts on “Why XHTML ? Why the pain ?!

  1. Migrating to XHTML is indeed very painful. I spent a couple of days fixing all the tags in my web site.
    About mobile device, there is a trend to use transocoder on the server. For example, Opera and Bloglines have already used transcoder for mobile device users. It reduces the amount of data transferred to our device (it’s good only to people who don’t have flat-rate data plan, like me… :)).

  2. just switching from HTML to XHTML 1.0 is NOT painful: just use automated tool like ‘tidy’ for that.

    it is switching from various forms of tag abuses into proper semantic use of XHTML tags that is painful.

  3. sekarang kan malah trend pake salah satu dokumen type xhtml 1.0 trans, strict dan xhtml 1.1 tapi isinya masih html 4.0 alias masih pake table dan bertebaran tag font, size dll…

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