Spam Problem

As a lot others experienced as well, I’ve been flooded with spam this month.
I think I’ve lost some important email because of it (deleting legit email by accident, spam filter trashing non-spam email, etc).

I’ve migrated my mailbox to another server which (hopefully) has stronger and more accurate spam-filtering capabilities (no, not Gmail).

If you sent email to me and I have not answered it, do please resend it again.

My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

5 thoughts on “Spam Problem

  1. I’ve experience this problem too.

    Before I use Spam Karma2 but then I change to Akismet.
    Even I have manually moderate new comment, but I “puas” for a while.

  2. Spam as in spomment (spam comments) or spam as in “junk mail”?

    I have both these last couple of week. Spomments are easy. Many plugins are available for our cause and if they did fail I just need to shutdown comment system for aging posts.

    But “junk mail” are super annoying. Not to mention that I pop my mail using not-so-cheap GPRS.

    Aside of migrating mailbox to another mailbox or Gmail hosted, any other suggestion?

  3. Andry – yes, it’s problem with spam email. Even Gmail seems to start losing its effectiveness; one of my Gmail account is now getting close to a hundred spam a day.
    I’m starting to consider using service like this. Almost 100% spam filtering rate, with almost zero false-positive. That’s really good compared to others.
    Blog spam is easy, thankfully; after installing Spam Karma 2, it has stopped. Email is a different story so far.

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